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Implement online bill presentment

When you present documents online, you can eliminate substantial printing and mailing costs. Our  team works with you to develop the solutions you need to convert Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) documents like statements and invoices to formats suitable for web viewing: HTML, XML, PDF.

Here's a sampling of our offerings, which are simply priced so you know exactly what you're getting:

  • Line2PDF
  • AFP Visual Environment – Indexer, Editor and Pipeline Manager
  • PS2PDF
Put datastream experts on the job

Migrating to electronic information delivery is an important customer satisfaction strategy. You don't want to have to do it twice. We know AFP inside and out, as well as the sources of AFP files like mainframes and document composition tools. After all, we've been doing this since 1999.

More than 700 companies, small and large, use our transforms to make them look great online. Everyone likes how easy the software is to install on a variety of platforms with no custom configuration of client workstations. And you can use APIs or command-line interfaces.

Think of us as anti-bug

Configuring software to convert files from AFP to HTML, XML or PDF opens the door to software glitches. Especially if you have complex documents with Double Byte Characters Sets or certain foreign languages. We make sure your documents appear correctly on the web, looking just like they would if they were printed — everything lined up and characters in position.

Try before you buy

Seeing is believing, so feel free to send us sample files. We'll transform them and send them back to you. Of course, we'll also do trials and proofs of concept, but be aware, the sample will probably win you over.

If you don't think you need help, download our AFP2PDF and Line2PDF transform products and give them a try.

Shorten time to web enablement

Spend less time processing documents. We make it easy to  substitute pre-generated graphics and images, such as logos, that appear regularly in your documents. Or you can add images to emulate preprinted forms and/or color to replace AFP shaded areas. Or use the AFP Visual Indexer to create or manipulate index values in large AFP documents.

Layer on PDF security

Can you have too much security these days? Probably not. So use the PDF security capabilities that come with our transforms. You can define owners to restrict modification, copying and printing or define end-user passwords to control document access. You can even add a digital signature.

Integrate with your content management system

Improve employee productivity by extending your content management system, archives and related workflow. Our transform software integrates with Content Manager™ OnDemand™, OnDemand Web Enablement Kit, WebSphere Information Integrator Content Edition, InfoPrint Manager for Windows and InfoPrint Manager for AIX.

Featured Software

InfoPrint Transform Manager

InfoPrint Transform Manager

Focused on conversion so you don’t have to be.

Quick Summary
  • Break down large, unruly files for fast conversion
  • Convert multiple files at the same time
  • Use scalable processing power to meet your needs
  • Simplify and standardize file conversion
InfoPrint XT

InfoPrint XT

Migrate legacy Xerox applications to Advanced Function Presentation (AFP™).

Quick Summary
  • Migrate easily from Xerox  LCDS/Metacode applications
  • Standardize on open, industry-standard AFP
  • Use your data in many ways, in full color
  • Centralize print management using other Ricoh software
NSi Output Manager

NSi Output Manager

Complete control of what, when and how you produce and deliver information.

Quick Summary
  • Job scheduling and priority based on size, job ticket, header, etc.
  • Create automatic failover rules to move jobs from down printers to active ones.
  • Set up automated alerts to notify operators and users when issues arise.
  • Transform incompatible document formats.