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RICOH Totalflow Cadence for Publishing

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Make short runs profitable

When you automate your workflow, you can make money on books of one and short runs. Which is good news because publishers are on board with print on demand. Tracking hundreds of jobs manually just isn't realistic — more touch points, more room for error, more cost. RICOH TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing works with the equipment and software you already have and makes you a lot more efficient.  

Customize, integrate and go

Bring on the print on demand orders! Let the software handle the repetitive tasks you now do yourself. You'll be able to accurately produce lots of orders and accept new work. RICOH TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing includes RICOH ProcessDirector software, which is enabled for Adobe® PDF; Ultimate Impostrip software; and Ricoh Professional Services. We customize the software for you and integrate it into your current operation. Or, if you like, we can provide complementary software and digital printers. And, the solution supports overage calculations as well as reprints of components or entire copies.


Group books with common requirements

When you organize book orders into jobs with common requirements, such as paper, imposition layouts and binding, you improve efficiency. The software does this for you and moves these jobs through imposition, printing and finishing.

Know where every job is in the process

The ultimate time saver? Monitor and manage every job from the web-based GUI. With our solution, you can set job checkpoints and track the progress of jobs as they flow through the system. Based on the job and printer speeds, the software can also make predictions about which printers to use. If you like, you can use barcode scanning, instead of keyboard and mouse, to manage jobs.

Know that complete means complete

Rechecking jobs to be sure they're accurate is stressful and time consuming. With our solution, you can trust the software to keep track of all the details as jobs flow through the system. The RICOH TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing hot folder receives a job ticket, such as XML or JDF. The ticket includes separate files for the book block and the cover, which are produced separately and come together at the bindery. Each copy of a book is tracked as a separate job, and a job ticket isn't complete until all copies of all books in the ticket are complete. 

 icon Guess what? Even reprints are easy.

Choose how you want to handle reprints. An operator can manually indicate that a book is missing or damaged and needs to be reprinted, or this action can be fully automated. Reprints are put back into the system to enable them to be included in the next set of production jobs. Bottom line: you can streamline one of the trickier, more costly steps of book publishing.

 icon Find new revenue sources

Ready to diversify so you're not entirely dependent on books? RICOH TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing can be used for customized publishing — commercial print jobs like personalized direct mail and marketing collateral. Piece-level tracking works the same, no matter what the pieces are. Given the types of new jobs you can print, it's like getting three or four solutions for the price of one.

 icon Reduce inkjet costs

Lower ink costs and improve color quality when you use an InfoPrint 5000 roll-fed inkjet system. The Ink Savvy feature of the InfoPrint Ink Suite tunes print files and graphic resource files. Other features in the Suite can automate ink usage estimates, provide you with usage/cost scenarios and integrate your Enfocus PitStop server.

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