Mail Integrity

Write a smaller check to the USPS

You can spend weeks or months studying USPS rules, figuring out how to comply with them. Or, you can call in our mail services experts. They know the rules inside and out. After they apply them in your workflow environment, you can take advantage of all the postal discounts for which you’re eligible.

Get excited about compliance

Why? Because Mail Integrity solutions can be a painless way to achieve USPS Full Service compliance and automation discounts. Our Professional Services team partners with you to build what you need using either RICOH ProcessDirector or RICOH ProcessDirector Express, for AFP, PDF or both. As a result, you get a mail workflow that is affordable and powerful enough to handle all kinds and sizes of jobs. Also, it's easy to update when postal requirements change.  


Stamp out costly mail workflow bottlenecks

In addition to general mail services consulting, we offer specific solutions that fix painful, costly points in your workflow and improve the way your staff works.


Address Matching
Make sure your mailings meet USPS CASS™ postal certification requirements for address validation and standardization—a requirement for postal discounts. Address Matching integrates with USPS-certified third-party software products, and it cleanses addresses.

Change of Address Management
Reduce the cost of handling returned mail. You can keep up with your customers’ current addresses by automatically updating addresses using CASS and BCC’s NCOALink™.  In addition, you can get reports that show which customers have moved and their new addresses. With this service, you can satisfy the USPS requirement for a certified address quality process.

Mail Insight
Put the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb) through its paces by monitoring and tracking mail pieces throughout the USPS delivery process. You'll know when mail was delivered, who made payments, who responded to offers, which pieces were undeliverable and more. Your response-handling process will be far more efficient, and your customer records will be more accurate. And you'll lower USPS fees for address services.

Mail Barcode Assignment
Generate IMb values for send and remit mail pieces that can be the same or unique, and print IMbs on the mail pieces so they qualify for mail discounts. We’ll help you improve deliverability and simplify tracking and overall efficiency.

Postal Optimization

How much could you save by simplifying your mail handling process and by eliminating postage meters, mechanical sorters and the use of presort vendors? A lot. The steepest USPS discounts are based on volumes of mail pieces going to individual ZIP Codes. To get these discounts, you need to pool mail pieces to achieve the highest possible ZIP Code densities. Can you do this without automation? No. Our customized, automated Mail Integrity solutions include Ricoh and third-party software, implementation, integration and training. 

Now even low-volume mail producers can be compliant with the USPS Full Service mandate and certification. Your solution includes address processing (CASS, NCOA, address suppression) plus First Class and Standard Mail Presorting (PAVE). Built using RICOH ProcessDirector or RICOH ProcessDirector Express software, these solutions marry affordability and function in Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) and PDF workflow environments:

  • Mail Integrity Express (500,000 to 12 million pieces/year)
  • Mail Integrity Essentials (up to 36 million pieces/year)
  • Mail Integrity Advanced (unlimited volume) 

Featured Software

RICOH ProcessDirector

RICOH ProcessDirector

Monitor, manage, track and report production print workflow

Quick Summary
  • Track and manage jobs from a web-based GUI
  • Build dynamic workflows with drag-and-drop ease
  • Automate manual tasks and reprints to help reduce costs
  • Create and deliver multi-channel communications
BCC Software

BCC Software

Postal mail preparation and optimization for low to high volumes.

Quick Summary
  • Postal optimization support
  • USPS reporting and postage statements
  • Centralized or decentralized deployment options
  • Integration with Web-based applications and CRM platforms