Hardware Support Services

Increase device uptime with Ricoh printer maintenance

Poorly maintained devices can lead to expensive surprises, including unscheduled downtime, missed deadlines and unhappy customers. One of the best ways to protect your investments in Ricoh printers? Maintenance contracts that provide up to 24/7 support. Let our Customer Support Specialists show you what years of experience and training can do, which is to reduce your risk with proper maintenance.

Hardware maintenance contracts are available for workgroup, industrial, cutsheet and continuous feed printers. And payment terms are put in place to satisfy your requirements monthly, quarterly, annually or with prepayment.

  • Standard or custom service plans are available.
  • Service personnel are trained specifically on our printers, and they are backed by product engineering support.
  • Our maintenance management methods, which adhere to consistent standards, can increase printer availability.
  • Certain printers include customer replaceable units (CRUs) or trained customer replaceable units (TCRUs), which allow you to replace certain parts and resolve issues, thereby improving your uptime.
  • In addition, we offering other Maintenance Support Services that go beyond standard maintenance requirements and can help you manage your print environment from installation through disposal.
  • The Maintenance Agreement Qualification Process (MAQ) describes how to prepare printers and other machines for maintenance coverage, relocation, storage or sale.

Go beyond maintenance with optional services

We know Ricoh devices inside and out, so there's no one better to provide supplemental services.

  • Equipment installation and discontinuance
  • Equipment relocation and rearrangement
  • Service qualification inspection
  • Key operator support
  • Onsite and standby coverage
  • Customer technical training
  • Hourly multiservice support
  • Surplus equipment disposal
  • Total site management
  • Supplies management
  • Pre-post and OEM equipment maintenance
  • MICR product maintenance

Choose the plan the works best for you

Should you have a printer problem, our maintenance support center may be able to resolve it over the telephone. Call 1-877-318-8968 or submit a ticket. When problems cannot be resolved remotely, we'll address them based on the level of coverage you have.  

Standard coverage

  • Onsite
    Our service technician is dispatched to your location to repair the problematic printer.
  • 5X9 Next Business Day Response
    This type of service is delivered between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., local time, Monday through Friday, excluding Ricoh holidays. A Ricoh Customer Support Specialist (CSS) will contact you, on average, within one hour of receiving your service request for requests received by the CSS during the contracted hours of coverage. If a service requests is received by the CSS outside of the contracted hours, you'll hear from a CSS the next business day. The CSS may schedule an onsite visit at a mutually agreeable time within the contracted hours of coverage.
  • 7x24 Same Day Response
    With round-the-clock onsite service, you can expect a call from a service technician within one hour. If onsite service is required, a service technician will be scheduled to arrive at your site within 24 hours of receiving the call. Typically, though, a CSS may arrive within two to four hours of the initial call.

Examples of Customized Service offerings include:

  • Supplies, Usage, Maintenance (SUM)
    A continuous feed printer offering that includes supplies, usage and maintenance on one invoice. The developer mix and toner are included in the usage rate. We manage your supplies.
  • Multi-Click Maintenance
    The standard maintenance for cutsheet printers includes toner and certain consumables as part of the agreement. We manage your supplies.
  • Mutual Interest Maintenance (MIM)
    Our CSSs train your qualified technicians to perform routine preventative maintenance and certain corrective maintenance activities.
  • Volume Commitment Plan
    The volume commitment plan is a contract for usage equipment with a base charge that includes a specified copy allowance and overage charge for copies in excess of allowance.
  • Volume Commitment Plan with Pooling
    The usage charges for multiple, same-type, same-service-level printers at a particular location can be ‘pooled’ for cumulative billing. You can spread your print volume across multiple machines.
  • Customized Solution
    We'll work with you to put together a service solution that meets your needs.

Maintenance Agreement Qualification (MAQ)

The Maintenance Agreement Qualification (MAQ) process includes inspection, testing, deinstallation, packing and sealing of machines, including printers and pre- and post-equipment, by Ricoh. Through these steps, the machines are protected from being worked on by non-Ricoh personnel until after a Ricoh technician reinstalls and tests them.

MAQ status, as defined below, applies to Ricoh supported machines moved both within a country and across international borders. Equipment modifications or alterations that may be required to meet receiving country standards, such as power supply modifications to convert from one country standard to another, remain a customer responsibility. However, the required equipment modifications or alterations must be provided by Ricoh and installed by Ricoh personnel.

MAQ Inspections

Prior to covering a machine with our Hardware Maintenance Services, we perform a MAQ inspection at the location where maintenance coverage is to be delivered. You are asked to provide the facilities and materials that help us to perform complete and thorough inspections consistent with Ricoh practices. We do not perform MAQ inspections at interim or temporary locations. MAQ inspections are billed at the hourly rates and minimums in effect at the time of the inspections, although inspection charges are waived when machines are in MAQ status.

If an inspection reveals that repairs are required to bring a machine up to acceptable MAQ standards, the parts and labor charges are billed on a time and materials basis.

MAQ Status

A machine is in MAQ status if it is covered by Ricoh Hardware Maintenance Services at the time of deinstallation, and it is deinstalled, packed and sealed by Ricoh personnel under an appropriate service contract in preparation for sale or storage.

MAQ status is preserved when the following conditions are met:

  • The installation site is an end-user location.
  • Ricoh personnel perform the reinstallation under an appropriate services contract.
  • The seals are unbroken.
  • Appropriate documentation, which confirms that all MAQ requirements have been satisfied, is available.
  • A request to place the printer under Ricoh Hardware Maintenance Services is in place prior to the commencement of reinstallation services.
  • The reinstallation and commencement of Ricoh Hardware Maintenance Services occurs within 180 days following the deinstallation date.
Transit Damage Coverage

In case of transit damage to a machine, the repairs that are necessary to make it acceptable for our Hardware Maintenance Services are not automatically covered. When we transport machines, coverage for both visible and invisible transit damage may be available under a Ricoh services contract for deinstallation and reinstallation. If coverage is available, it is described in the services contract.