Make information available anytime, anywhere

Many document formats aren’t web friendly, so you can’t give your customers, partners and suppliers what they want: fast, easy online access to information. That means you have to spend extra time and money to send them physical proofs.

Our e-presentment solutions experts develop the transform software you need to convert documents into HTML, XML, PDF and more, including:

  • Line2PDF
  • AFP Visual Environment – Indexer, Editor and Pipeline Manager
  • PS2PDF
  • DJDE/Metacode/LCDS to PDF

And if you need a transform that isn’t on that list, just let us know.

Maintain information integrity

When you’re publishing sensitive documents such as statements or invoices online, they have to be right. With our transforms, your documents appear correctly on the web — even if they contain double byte character sets and foreign languages — and look just like they would if printed.

That’s because we know datastreams and file formats inside and out, as well as file sources like mainframes and document composition tools. With our PDF transforms, you can even add digital signatures                                                                  and other security measures.

Simplify e-presentment with automation

No matter how complex your documents, you can speed up electronic document delivery because we automate a few steps for you:

  • Substitute pre-generated graphics and images, such as logos, that appear regularly in your documents.
  • Add images to emulate preprinted forms and/or color to replace Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) shaded areas.
  • Use the AFP Visual Indexer to create or manipulate index values in large AFP documents.
  • Integrate transformed documents with certain content management systems such as Content Manager on Demand, Filenet and more.

Get up and running quickly

It’s easy to install our transform software on a variety of platforms, and you don’t need to custom configure your client workstations. Use APIs or command-line interfaces — your choice. More than 700 companies, small and large, use our transforms to make them look great online — and save on printing and mailing costs.



Put yourself in the right hands

Our solutions team will work with you to evaluate your capabilities, and provide trials and proofs of concept if needed. And if you’re a DIY kind of person, consider using the RICOH Web Enablement Software Suite to implement your own e-presentment solution.

Featured Software

InfoPrint Transform Manager

InfoPrint Transform Manager

Focused on conversion so you don’t have to be.

Quick Summary
  • Break down large, unruly files for fast conversion
  • Convert multiple files at the same time
  • Use scalable processing power to meet your needs
  • Simplify and standardize file conversion
InfoPrint XT

InfoPrint XT

Transform Xerox Metacode and LCDS into open-format AFP™.   

Quick Summary
  • Free data that’s locked in Xerox Metacode and LCDS datastreams
  • Standardize on one output architecture in multivendor environments
  • Migrate fonts, forms, images, logos and Xerox highlight color applications
  • Improve operational flexibility and maintain document integrity with AFP™