Document Composition

Ready to modernize document composition?

Under pressure to reduce costs and improve marketing results? These are great reasons to explore a new document composition solution. But there's more to gain if you say yes to one or more of these questions:

  • Is it slow and expensive to modify or create new documents?
  • Do you want to be able to add variable data and content to documents for customized messaging?
  • Are you ready to save money and paper by using onserts instead of preprinted inserts?
  • Do you want an e-presentment option for statements and other documents?
  • Does your current system make it difficult to launch new programs?
Prefer vendor-neutral solutions? So do we.

We partner with more than 10 document composition vendors, so we can recommend the right tool — onsite or in the cloud — based on your company size, growth objectives and operating requirements. And, we'll integrate your new tool with your print workflow so you'll get the benefits of the two working together, from receiving data through mail processing.

Create personalized documents dynamically

Looking to raise read rates and response rates? Precision marketing, or personalization based on customer data analytics, is the way to go. With one of our doc comp solutions, you can create business rules to control the presentation of personalized data, such as purchases and account activity. Instead of waiting weeks for developers to change documents, you can rip and replace messages on the fly.  The doc comp engine merges all the data and images and produces the documents, which are ready for print, e-presentment, fax, SMS, email and archive.  Think about this: With the ability to control information and how it's delivered, you can make it is as mobile as your customers.

Reduce customer service costs

What do people do when they can't understand their statements or find what they're looking for? They get frustrated and call customer service.  And that's expensive. Statement redesign is a great way to lower call center costs. We'll show you how to use color and graphs to highlight the important bits, and open up space for personalized marketing messages. Also, onserts are "greener" than inserts, so you'll be helping the environment, too.

Start with a doc comp assessment

If you like clear action plans, you'll like our assessment workshop. We'll review your business objectives, recommend a solution and create a roadmap. Additionally, we'll take a look at your document workflow, software and hardware and discuss improvements that you can make now and in the future.

Move on to implementation and integration

After you choose a document composition approach, we'll install and test new software, integrate it into your current processes, help convert or build new document composition applications, and train your staff.  Before you know it, your new solution, along with new or converted applications, is up and running. And you can start executing all the good ideas you couldn't pursue with your old system.

Put a toe in before you plunge in

If you're not ready for a complete doc comp overhaul, but you want to make some changes, ask us about custom services. Bring us your ideas or consider these:

  • A pilot to validate the benefits of a new document composition solution
  • In-depth assessment of existing approaches and best practices guidance
  • Workflow fine tuning that addresses specific issues
  • Document design guidance
  • Application/data integration and application migration assistance