Business Services

Develop a winning strategy

In the new world of work, where the only constant is change, it can be hard to keep up. So how do you get ahead and take advantage of new opportunities?

Ricoh’s exclusive set of business services, designed in collaboration with top industry experts including Cal Poly and InfoTrends, provide you with the support you need to redefine your place in the industry, build stronger business plans and create new revenue streams.  

No time, no problem

We know that print service providers are busy people. And business owners are even busier; estimates need to be written, staff needs to be managed and customer deadlines must be met. You want to focus on business growth but it’s not easy to find the time when you are running your daily operations. No worries. We’ve got the experience and expertise to show you the way.

The right partner makes the difference

Turn the digital revolution into a wealth of opportunity with the right technology partner. Ricoh knows software and solutions. We know the production process inside out. We understand the challenges of running a print business and believe that one size does not always fit all. So we’ve invested in the latest technologies, forged new relationships and developed innovative programs – we’ve turned change into opportunity so that you can, too.


Increase sales, gain momentum and grow

Remove guesswork, relieve stress and keep your business on the path to success.
Our exclusive offerings consist of assessment tools, strategies and tailored one-on-one actions plans, including:

GAP 90 Analysis

Let Ricoh set the path for business development with marketing strategies based on your personal business scenarios. Our Goals and Performance Analysis will help you keep pace with the industry: after we conduct interviews about your managerial team, press operators, core offerings and future goals, we present a formal review and put next steps into action.

Ricoh Business Booster Assessment

This online assessment tool designed for business owners and organized in a series of steps provides you with a snapshot of where your business is and where it can go. See how you measure up:

Equip your sales force

Teach your sales team how to develop unique value propositions for the markets you want to target, including key messages that define the benefits of your offerings and your company’s differentiation. Training will help your reps understand where to focus, and gives them a clear selling plan and execution strategy to close new business.

Build your business strategy

In order to expand successfully, you need a solid business strategy. In a workshop offered by InfoTrends, you learn how to build a roadmap for retooling your business and developing messaging based on both current and future market dynamics.

Social Media Implementation

Today’s digital world requires a solid social media plan. During this workshop, InfoTrends breaks down social media’s properties and helps guide you on how to incorporate social media into your promotional plans.

Ricoh Design Works

We have a team of experienced creative and design professionals that can craft campaigns for your business and marketing needs or help you expand your services and develop campaigns for your customers. Services include conceptual campaign development, copywriting, graphic design, web development and business identity packages.

Print to Mail Workflow Automation Assessment

Increase your revenue and deliver what your customers need with automated print and mail services. Our print to mail workflow automation assessment, executed by Ricoh’s professional services team, analyzes your transactional print and mail automation readiness level and helps you to make efficiency improvements that make your operation audit ready.

Print MIS Readiness Assessment

Learn how to efficiently manage workflow and get rid of time-consuming processes. With our Management Information System assessment, we’ll assess your current and future needs and guide you in purchasing and implementing this valuable solution.

Web-to-Print Readiness Assessment

Are you ready for Web-to-print?  With the Web-to-print readiness assessment, we can explain the benefits of Web-to-print solutions and help you determine which solution is right for your current and growing needs.