AFP Platform

Simplify your output environment

When you standardize on an industry-leading solution in use all over the world, you can feel confident about your choice. Our Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) platform is an open, object-oriented, device-independent architecture that streamlines how you capture and manage information:

  • Create personalized content on the fly.
  • Integrate with your existing document composition and statement systems.
  • Improve data control, security and integrity.
  • Deliver information in your choice of formats.
  • Accommodate technology and regulatory changes easily.

Print variable data accurately at high speed

With AFP you can focus on your messaging — not on system limitations. It incorporates industry formats, including EPS, PDF, TIFF, GIF, JPEG (JFIF), XML and PCL to cover text, images, graphics, process color, full color, highlight color and monochrome printing. It also provides:

  • Page-level error recovery with Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™).
  • Resource management to support                                                                                   printing at rated speeds.
  • Support for ICC-based color management to assure accurate, consistent colors.

Boost your operational flexibility and efficiency

The more you automate, the more efficient you are. With AFP, you can operate cost-effectively with exceptional flexibility and control:

  • Eliminate preprinted forms: Customize full-color transactional documents like billing statements on the fly. AFP enables output devices to print lines, rules, boxes, images, graphical objects and more.
  • Accommodate third-party solutions: Integrate with document formatting functions and variable content based on customer database information.
  • Scale performance and capacity: Boost productivity with parallel processing of pages and objects.
  • Manage diverse output devices: Integrate with pre- and post-processing equipment.
  • Oversee up to thousands of jobs and devices centrally: Use complementary InfoPrint Manager software to transform datastreams and unify print and electronic output in the same workflow.

Trust AFP because it evolves with the print industry

You can count on AFP to play well with others. AFP Consortium member companies from around the world work together to keep AFP up to date. While our heritage includes the development of IPDS and IBM AFP, we realized that a collaborative approach is the best approach.