AFP Platform

Our AFP platform drives simplicity into output environments. As an industry-standard, object-oriented, device-independent architecture, AFP can streamline:

  • Creation and management of personalized content
  • Integration with existing statement systems
  • Use of color in high-speed production printing
  • Data control, security and integrity
  • Delivery of information in your choice of format
  • Workflow management

Our heritage includes the development of the IBM Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) Architecture – now an industry open standard – and Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS), which has since become the standard for mission critical business printing. Learn more about AFP architecture and our involvement with the AFP Consortium.

How can AFP help you?
  • Print cost-effective, customized color transaction statements at high speed and eliminate pre-printed forms. AFP enables printers to print lines, rules, boxes, images, graphical objects and more that can be customized for each statement.
  • Accurate and consistent colors are ensured with ICC-based color management.
  • Accommodate third-party solutions that provide document formatting functions and variable content based on customer database information.
  • Integrate with existing statement systems and obtain scalability in performance and capacity with parallel processing of pages and objects on the pages.
  • Integrate with pre- and post-processing equipment to obtain a means of managing workflow devices, from printers all the way to inserters.
  • Use with InfoPrint  Manager software to transform most data streams to most printers and to create print and electronic output in the same workflow.
How does it work?

Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) platform is an open standard in the print industry for printing variable data at very high speeds with complete integrity. AFP incorporates other industry formats, including EPS, PDF, TIFF, GIF, JPEG (JFIF), XML, and PCL—to cover the entire range of text, image, graphics, process color, highlight color and monochrome printing.

  • Full page-level error recovery
  • Exceptional print integrity
  • Resource management to support printing at rated speeds
  • Full color capability including support for ICC-based color management
  • Dynamic, open architecture capable of evolving with technology advances