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Wave the automation wand

The more human touch points you have in your print production processes, the more errors and delays can happen. Go from hands on to hands off with RICOH ProcessDirector Express. Just set up the rules, and the software does the rest. You won't be bogged down by repetitive manual tasks, and you can oversee every step of PDF document production, from the time you receive a file until it's sent on its way by whichever delivery method you choose. We'll make sure the information you need to do your job is always accessible and available — wherever, whenever you need it.

Start small, or not

Right “out of the box” ProcessDirector Express can help you save a lot of time. And it’s modular, so as you grow you can add features that build on the base capabilities and help you keep improving how you manage important information — yours and your customers.

Bring in new work

With this powerful print manager, you can produce and deliver critical information perfectly. Jobs like statements, healthcare enrollment kits, lottery tickets, checks and credit information. And provide the proof of compliance that this mission-critical work often requires.

Build workflows in a flash

Graphical workflows make your job a lot easier. Our drag-and-drop icons let you create visual diagrams in seconds. And you can automate business rules, so jobs automatically go through the right conditional workflow branches.

Keep everyone informed

In the office or on the go, employees prefer to have access to their information when and where they need it. With ProcessDirector Express email notifications, you can keep users, operators and administrators up to date on printer and job status, improve your productivity and provide better service for customers. You define the events and decide who will be notified and when. You can even customize the subject and body with dynamically created text based on system properties.

Believe in vendor neutrality? So do we

Just install RICOH ProcessDirector Express on top of your Windows or Linux server platform. You can control PCL, PDF and PostScript® printers, most vendors’ inserters, and printers from Ricoh and other vendors like Xerox and Kodak. If you want to run on IBM® AIX® or use IPDS™ printers, you can upgrade to RICOH ProcessDirector.


Standard Features

Preview a print sample

Print a representative sample of pages from within a job for approval, as a step within a workflow. Track the approval process and comply with audit requests.

Simplify reprinting or repositioning

Use the browser-based viewer to select the correct print jobs in the queue for precise repositioning and reprints.

Relax, the database is good to go

The embedded IBM® DB2® database is a powerful engine that lets you grow without adding overhead cost. It can handle the production details for millions of documents so you can keep saying yes to new work.

Never say no to add-on software

Use both optional features and third-party software to manage both current and future production processes and lower overall total cost of print. Even better, you can control third-party software from within the workflow builder so you maintain a single point of control.

Build workflows quickly and easily

There’s no need to build workflows from scratch. With RICOH ProcessDirector Express, you can drag and drop icons to build simple or complex workflows quickly. Automate processes and make sure jobs are routed to the right devices to save time and money.

Optional Features

New! Manage customer communications preferences

Branching into multi-channel communications doesn’t have to be complicated. With ProcessDirector’s Preference Management feature, you can organize and manage recipients' preferences for information delivery. The software automatically meets those preferences for mail, web or email (with personalized subject lines and body content) with no changes to the source application.

New! Increase control over user access  

Use industry-standard password management and LDAP/AD integration to help you manage ProcessDirector user accounts. The security feature is a no-charge add-on.

System Requirements

  • Linux—One or more 2.9 GHz or faster standard Intel® processor-compatible hardware
  • Windows—One or more 2.9 GHz or faster standard Intel processor-compatible hardware
  • 4 GB or more RAM; for any document processing features, 12 GB RAM is the minimum requirement
  • 200 GB or more disk storage
  • Display with minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
  • Connectivity to the LAN


  • SLES 11 for x86 with latest service packs, 64-bit
  • SLES 12 for x86 with latest service packs, 64-bit
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (64-bit) 6.2 through the latest 6.x
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (64-bit) 7.0 through the latest 7.x
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit)


Submission Requirements
  • LPR
  • File copy or FTP to hot folders via file copy or FTP
  • Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) package (PDF/JDF)


Available transforms:

  • Standard Adobe PDF, AFP, GIF, TIF, SAP, JPEG, PCL, PostScript® and Metacode (requires InfoPrint XT) print data 


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