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RICOH TotalFlow Print & Production Manager

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Keep it moving

Bring fast, accurate and affordable cut-sheet production printing to your business with TotalFlow Print Manager (v2) and Production Manager, software that allows users to schedule print jobs, automate manual tasks, create processes and handle maintenance issues with fewer human touch points and bottlenecks. What’s that mean for you? Less paper changes, improved printer utilization and a streamlined workflow. You’re welcome.

Make better print decisions

You know too well how troublesome managing print jobs can be: long queues delay important jobs, important jobs get routed to the wrong machine, and that red button won’t stop blinking. Enter TotalFlow Print Manager and Production Manager. The Print and Production Manager software analyzes job tickets and print queues and prints higher-priority jobs first; it can even determine when and where jobs should be produced for the best, most affordable results based on job requirements and printer capabilities.


Workflow: make it your own

Creating workflows from scratch can be a real burden on your schedule. Save yourself time and effort with TotalFlow Production Manager’s pre-built workflows - simply drag and drop icons to add or remove steps from a workflow and customize your own.


A well-oiled machine

TotalFlow Prep can be launched from within Print and Production manager for a dashboard view. If you have a more demanding environment, Production Manager offers additional integration and automation features so you can make the most of your print processes.


Simplify workflow with
centralized management

Streamline how print jobs are managed and optimized with TotalFlow Print and Production Manager. Easy to install and use, these “lite” and “full” versions of the same software make the printing process less tedious and more organized. Both products:

  • Connect to Ricoh printers and integrate seamlessly with TotalFlow Prep
  • Make it easy to set job controls and preview jobs
  • Find the printer most likely to complete the job in the least amount of time
  • Set up alerts so you can quickly address printer-related issues
  • Produce informative reports that help you fine-tune your operation
  • Submit PDF files remotely with full job ticketing

Ricoh TotalFlow Production Manager offers all the features of TotalFlow Print Manager, as well as pre-flight and color management integration, and digital print load balancing for up to fifteen printers.

Get in the fast lane

We’ve all been there: the dreaded bottleneck. More human touch points make for increased traffic, the kind that halts patience and productivity. TotalFlow Production Manager allow users to create processes and handle maintenance issues so you can speed up production with less manpower.


The perfect balancing act

Does your shop route jobs to the largest system while a smaller system sits silent? It’s easy to overlook other resources when you’re trying to get jobs out the door. TotalFlow balances workloads – and keeps things moving – by routing jobs to all available printers, eliminating guesswork and error.  How easy is that?


Stay on track

You can’t keep your business in check if you can’t see where the money’s coming in and where it’s going out.  Easy-to-use reporting and metrics track the efficiency of printers, job resources and basic job accounting to keep your books in check, your money flow moving and your business healthy.


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