RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager


Every print shop has jobs in queue. What sets you apart is how profitable you can make each of them. Integrate RICOH® TotalFlow® Production Manager directly into your existing cut-sheet production environment for a fast, reliable and affordable software solution that can help you:

  • Reduce errors.
  • Deliver information effectively.
  • Grow your margins.


Bring on the next job

Each job is a revenue opportunity, so transition from one to the next as quickly as possible.  With TotalFlow Production Manager, you can automate many of the production tasks that create bottlenecks in the print process, including scheduling, reporting, finishing and more. The solution is hardware agnostic, so you can scale across all of your Ricoh and non-Ricoh cutsheet printers.


Create your own success

Every print run includes specific tasks for you and your team. But you don’t have to perform every task for every run. Use TotalFlow Production Manager to add or remove production steps depending on client requests or job requirements. Want to eliminate finishing? Need to add time for somebody to proof and approve? Simply add those steps with convenient drag-and-drop icons on the intuitive dashboard.


Keep an eye on everything

How much time and money can TotalFlow Production Manager really save you? Check it out for yourself. With PDF/CSV export, you can track job and printer metrics for every job. You can even track by user when you want to chargeback to individual clients or workgroups. 


Catch problems before it’s too late

With TotalFlow Production Manager, you’ll receive alerts when a printer needs maintenance, so jobs can be rerouted from idle printers.




Manage production from beginning to end

Combine TotalFlow Production Manager with TotalFlow Prep to see your entire production environment from a centralized dashboard. Customize your print workflows to produce faster, more accurate work, and aim for better profitability. 



Need Production Manager support?
Contact (800) 742-6477; option 3, 2


Choose how you want to optimize print production

Simplify your production print workflows. Create visual tickets, automate workflows, match jobs to printers, preview jobs and set up maintenance alerts. Gain additional features, including:

  • Skip unnecessary color and pre-flight screening with Enfocus PitStop server. Get immediate notification of any font or image issues.
  • Extend digital print load balancing from five printers to 15 devices.
  • Route jobs automatically based on job requirements, printer capabilities, affordability and more.
  • Take advantage of a range of features, including advanced imposition tools and support for bleed-edge tabs, to consistently create outstanding results.


Make changes at any time

Use Windows and Mac PDF print drivers to keep content in editable PDF form for as long as possible, so when you need to make a change or redirect the job, you can still turn a profit.


Print on larger media

Produce banner-size output (up to 49” long) without losing the time-saving automation and customization you have for every job in the queue.


Be accountable for everybody else


Control printer access, create usage reports and even perform chargebacks for individuals and workgroups, thanks to user code support.


Put everything into balance

Produce high-quality work for less money by matching the right job with the right device at the right time. Send each job to the printer most suitable to handle the workload with the least amount of hassle and cost for you. 



Need Production Manager support?
Contact (800) 742-6477; option 3, 2


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