Ultimate Impostrip®


About Ultimate Impostrip

Increase productivity and lower costs with Ultimate Impostrip® imposition software. Operators of all skill levels can control layouts and insert all marks needed for inline finishing. Impostrip® automates workflows via hot folders, XML and JDF, and it comes in three solutions:

  • Automation for short-turnaround delivery
  • Scalable for high-volume operations
  • PassGate for photos and books

How it helps

Save time with easy-to-use tools
Increase efficiency with dynamic hot folders and origami virtual paper folding.

Address diverse print imposition needs
Expand capabilities for marketing campaigns, transactional documents, books and more.

Increase digital press utilization
Group diverse jobs, automate finishing profiles and enable job tracking.

Features overview

Impose jobs of variable length and size easily using dynamic hot folders.

Simplify the creation of imposition signature templates and enable on-the-fly changes with origami virtual paper folding.

Gang jobs quickly in print runs with AutoFlow.

Position items automatically with the optional AutoNesting module.

Compose barcodes and banner sheets dynamically.

Balance print production workflows across devices with the Job Manager module.


Achieve hands-free, reliable imposition by automating your prepress print imposition workflows in both digital and hybrid print environments.

Key Features & Benefits

Feature: Dynamic hot folders
Benefit: Enhances print production efficiency with automatic job receipt.

Feature: Origami virtual paper folding
Benefit: Simplifies imposition by creating graphic representations and automating sequence numbering.

Feature: AutoFlow free-form ganging
Benefit: Gang jobs of varying sizes and quantities automatically to make the best use of sheets, thereby reducing cost and paper waste.

Feature: AutoFlow Estimator module
Benefit: Enables you to choose the best gang run for print MIS estimation and production.

Feature: AutoNesting module (optional)
Benefit: Maximizes substrate use by automatically placing true shapes.

Feature: Dynamic composition of barcodes and banner sheets
Benefit: Improves job tracking and quality control.

Feature: Booklet Configurator module
Benefit: Increases productivity by imposing booklets of varying sizes in the same job.

Feature: XML Director module
Benefit: Connects with a storefront to streamline order processing.

Feature: Dynamic Templates™
Benefit: Saves operator time by allowing the use of one hot folder for multiple jobs.

Feature: Job Manager module
Benefit: Provides scalability and load balancing to support high-volume PDF and PDF-VT printing requirements.

Feature: Support for hybrid production print operations
Benefit: Connects with upstream storefronts, print MIS systems and most prepress systems to remove potential information-sharing bottlenecks.

Feature: Stacking options
Benefit: Increases margin on jobs by automatically grouping more books together.

System Requirements & Implementation

• Includes a universal XML/JDF mapper.

• Connects RICOH Totalflow and RICOH BatchBuilder via the XML Director module.

• Connects to any digital print system via XML or JDF.

• Enables scalability through additional servers that can be added as volume increases.

• Offers product and service support in multiple languages.

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Ultimate Impostrip® is not an RPPS product, and it is licensed to end users by Ultimate Impostrip®. Neither party has any responsibility for or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.