EFI PowerPress


EFI PowerPress is a raster-based print production workflow solution that optimizes your entire print production system, so you get the most from it, especially if you produce complex, short-run, color and B&W documents. The intuitive solution automates your workflow and comes in four models: Solo, Plus, Max, and Max Enterprise, to offer the right combination of features to fit in your particular environment needs.

Eliminates bottlenecks and device contention by centrally managing workloads. Increases job volume and decreases turnaround times by combining multiple devices. Reduces job handling by automatically routing jobs to available printers, making print operations more profitable. Extends your color functionality quickly and easily.

  • Provides support for up to 12 devices in total, with a maximum of 5 color engines.
  • MakeReady Services creates composite documents with chapters, multibank tabs and bleed-edge tabs, flyers with personalized data, folded booklets and more!
  • MicroScript graphical tool is designed to facilitate creating, editing, and managing PrintStation Manager (PSM) TrueScripts.
  • Produces vibrant, accurate color through minimal user interaction.
  • Complete Workflow Solution for Color and B&W Print Requirements.
  • Expands business opportunities and increases your profits.Expands business opportunities and increases your profits.
  • Color profile calibration, color editing and output online previews, integrated PANTONE® color libraries.

EFI PowerPress is not an RPPS product, and it is licensed to end users by EFI PowerPress. Neither party has any responsibility for or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.