Multitasking made easy

Tired of fussing with multiple devices to get the job done? Now you can print, copy and scan quickly and easily with the 3-in-1 RICOH MP CW2200SP. This versatile MFP captures, saves and shares virtually any large-format technical document – making it a breeze to present design plans, documents, signage and more in style. 

Put your work in the best light

Produce clear, crisp full-color drawings, text, line-art, graphics and photographs thanks to the 600x600 dpi copy-and-scan resolution and 1200x1200 dpi print resolution of the CW2200SP.

Less training, more doing

Spend less time explaining how to operate your new printer and more time using it. A simplified display and step-by-step animated guide ensure easy operation for every user while embedded SDK architecture allows for the set-up of one-touch shortcuts for frequently used tasks and preferences, giving you more time to get the job done.

In hand and on-the-go

In today’s new world of work, you need access to your information anytime, anywhere. Share high-quality color or black-and-white documents effortlessly and on-the-go – and leave those bulky blueprints in the office – with Scan to Email/Folder/FTP/HDD features. Want immediate access to your files via any Web browser? Simple; use Scan-to-URL. Two built-in media slots for scanning-to or printing-from a USB flash drive or SD card add extra flexibility and convenience. 


That was easy

Improve productivity, reduce errors and avoid employee meltdowns with the new user-friendly, full-color, tiltable control panel. Icon-based navigation makes it easy to find functions and navigate through job tasks while a customizable interface and short-cut icons can be programmed to match the way you work. USB and SD card media slots built into the control panel make work life even easier.

Produce more while looking great

  • Decrease company downtime and increase productivity with a warm-up time of less than 40 seconds and printing speeds of 3.2 ppm (B&W) and 1.1 ppm (full color).
  • Choose from multiple paper sizes and weights to meet every demad and manage every project with ease from the device - or the desktop
  • Another customer hands you a less-than-perfect original? Don’t panic. Ensure crisp, clean reproductions with 4-color ink cartridges that reproduce full-color images and fine lines for compelling professional-quality documents. Bonus: cartridges are located in the front of the system for quick and easy replacement.

Feel the added relief of advanced security

Work confidently – and relieve client concern – with a host of advanced security features. User authentication, user lockout, PDF encryption and the DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) protect confidential documents and provide peace of mind. 


Color Yes
Copy Yes
Print Yes
Scan Yes
Warm-Up Time Less than 40 Seconds
Dimensions 55.1" x 22.1" x 50.3" (1,400 x 560 x 1,280mm)
Weight Less than 265 lbs. (120 kg)
Power Source 120 – 60Hz, 3.6A
Scanning Resolution Standard: Up to 600 dpi
Twain: Up to 1,200 dpi
Default: 200 dpi
Resolution Speed Priority Mode: 600dpi x 300dpi
Standard Mode : 600dpi x 600dpi
Quality Priority Mode: 600dpi x 600dpi
Quality Priority Mode for Coated Paper, Film (Matted) and Special Paper: 1200dpi x 1200dpi
Configuration Console
Paper Source 1st Roll and Optional 2nd Roll
First Copy A0 SEF: (B/W) Speed Priority Mode: 51sec / Standard Mode: 71sec (Color) Speed Priority Mode: 155sec / Standard Mode: 244sec
A1 LEF: (B/W) Speed Priority Mode: 29sec / Standard Mode: 41sec (Color) Speed Priority Mode: 84sec / Standard Mode: 131sec
Copy Speed A0 SEF: (B/W) Speed Priority Mode: 1.8cpm / Standard Mode: 1.1cpm (Color) Speed Priority Mode: 0.6cpm / Standard Mode: 0.3cpm
A1 LEF: (B/W) Speed Priority Mode: 3.4cpm / Standard Mode: 2.0cpm (Color) Speed Priority Mode: 1.1cpm / Standard Mode: 0.6cpm
Reduction / Enlargement Metric: 25%, 35.4%, 50%, 70.7%, 141.4%, 200%, 282.8%, 400%
Engineer (inch): 25%, 32.4%, 50%, 64.7%, 129.4%, 200%, 258.8%, 400%
Architecture: 25%, 33.3%, 50%, 66.7%, 133.3%, 200%, 266.7%, 400%
Multiple Copies 1 to 99 (10 key input)
Cutting Method Synchronized, preset cut, variable cut
Print Capabilities Standard
Controller Options not available
Network Protocol TCP/IP (IP v4, IP v6), IPX/SPX
Scanning Capabilities Standard
Scan Size Maximum: 36" x 590" (914mm x 15,000mm)
File Formats PostScript3, HP-GL, HP-GL2
Maximum Print Speed A1 LEF: (B/W) Speed Priority Mode: 3.2ppm (Color) 1.1ppm
Maximum Scan Speed (B/W) 600dpi: 3.14ips, 80mm/s (Color) 600dpi: 1.05ips, 26.7mm/s
Print Controller Embedded (GW Controller)
Supported File Formats: HP-GL, HP-GL2, HP-RTL, TIFF, PostScript/PDF, CALS
Standard Drivers: PostScript 3, HDI (AutoCad)
Network Protocol: TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6), IPX/SPX
Full Specifications Download Full List


2nd Roll Unit
Maximum Width: 36" (914mm)

Maximum Width: 36" (914mm)
Minimum Width: 11" (279.4mm)

Roll Paper Diameter

6.92" (176mm)

Dimensions (WxHxD)

43.6" x 15.7" x 17" (1,108 × 398 × 432mm)


31.9 lb. (14.5 kg)

Roll Holder Unit
Dimensions (WxHxD)

41.3" x 6.3" x 6.3 (1,049 ×160 ×160mm)


3.3 lb. (1.5 kg)

Starter (Included):
Print Cartridge Black


Print Cartridge Cyan


Print Cartridge Magenta


Print Cartridge Yellow


For Purchase:
Print Cartridge Black


Print Cartridge Cyan


Print Cartridge Magenta


Print Cartridge Yellow



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MP CW2200SP Configurations

You can personally customize your MP CW2200SP, but if you're interested in a pre-configured, ready-to-ship option, check out our new Signature Series. Designed with the most popular combination of features and benefits, our Signature Series lets you choose the specific pre-configured bundle that best fits your business needs — all while helping you save time and money, and providing easy installation.

For the MP CW2200SP, you can choose from the following options:

The MP CW2200SP Essential is one option in our new Signature Series of pre-configured, ready to ship units. Designed with the most popular combination of features and benefits, our Signature Series lets you choose the specific pre-configured bundle that best fits your business needs — all while helping you save time and money, and providing easy installation.

For the MP CW2200SP you can also choose from a base model that you can accessorize yourself:


MPCW2200SP Base

MPCW2200SP Essential

Best Used For Large-format technical documents and signage Multiple, complex technical projects and signage

Color, Copy, Print, Scan

Color, Copy, Print, Scan

Max Print Speed

(B/W) 3.2ppm and (Color) 1.1ppm

(B/W) 3.2ppm and (Color) 1.1ppm



2 Roll Holder

MPCW2200SP Stand

Browser Unit

Additional Features

All Optional

Power Filter

Request a Quote Request a Quote

Included with this Configuration

Reduce the downtime and service calls on your units. The ESP XG-PCS-15D Power Filter helps clean the noise and flux out of your inbound power source, leading to fewer work disruptions, better performance and increased revenue.

Boost capacity with the 2 Roll Holder, which holds an additional roll, giving you 2 total rolls of precise, continuous feeding of paper or other media into your printer.

Open your MFP up to the internet with the Browser Unit. When combined with the hard disk drive (HDD) and extra memory, you can browse and print from the web — all from the control panel.

Keep things easily accessible with the MP CW2200SP Stand for your printer.

Remotely manage your printer fleet with @Remote. This internet-based tool lets you monitor your device usage, automate meter reads and toner alerts, and quickly alert your service provider of problems to shorten downtime and improve service.