Mimaki JFX500


Keep large format jobs in-house

You're looking for an easy new revenue stream, and your customers want to share information in big, bold ways. Accomplish both goals with the Mimaki JFX500, a high-performance inkjet flatbed printer, which prints on any substrate (even wood, stone and tile) up to 2 inches thick and up to 4x8 feet in size.

Install, connect and go to work

After the printer is installed, just connect it to a computer and you're ready to start producing beautiful large-format jobs. The Mimaki JFX500 fits into any print environment because it has its own front end and RIP system.

Keep media pinned down

Media that moves during printing is never a good thing. You can use the Mimaki JFX500's layout pins to secure the media and a scale to check its position before you print.

Go ahead, add the clear coat

In addition to CMYK and white, you can use clear ink to add a full or partial gloss coat. A clear control unit combines clear ink jetting and UV light for virtually instant drying. Dust has less time to accumulate and ruin the effect when every job is basically "print, pack and ship." And, the UV curing increases durability for exterior applications.

Improve quality with variable dot printing

Ricoh's piezo print heads provide three drop sizes at the same time, resulting in smooth, natural color gradations and beautiful pale colors.

Minimize the banding effect

Normal mask patterns can cause "striping" instead of smooth color, but you'll see far less of this with the Mimaki JFX500. The Advanced Pass System 2 applies ink in gradations during several passes using a mask pattern in combination with UV light.

Operate with the environment in mind

Unlike many wide-format printers, the Mimaki JFX500 is designed to be kind to the environment and to your operators. It uses long-lived LED-UV curing lamps with low heat output, and it runs with very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and very little odor. When you use low heat, you can print on many materials, even those that are thermally sensitive.


Color No
Copy No
Print No
Scan No
Warm-Up Time N/A
Dimensions 162" x 176" x 59"
Weight 2,982lb (1352kg)
Power Source Single Phase 200~240VAC +/- 10% 20Amp 50/60htz +/- 1 hz. 25Amp Beaker recommended.
Scanning Resolution No
Resolution Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
Configuration Flat Bed
Paper Source N/A
First Copy N/A
Copy Speed No
Reduction / Enlargement No
Multiple Copies N/A
Cutting Method Cut After Printed
Print Capabilities Standard
Controller Options N/A
Network Protocol N/A
Scanning Capabilities No
Scan Size No
File Formats EPS, PS, TIFF, JPEG, BMP
Maximum Print Speed 645 Ft2/hr with four colors
Maximum Scan Speed No
Print Controller RasterLink 6 on Customer provided PC
Full Specifications Download Full List


Accessories will be listed for the Mimaki JFX500 shortly. Please check back soon.

What you can do with Mimaki JFX500

Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts

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