Colex Sharpcut SX Series Digital Cutting Systems


Profit from large-format finishing

With the Colex Sharpcut SX Series (SX1631, SX1631C and SX1616) flatbed cutters, you can expand and automate your finishing capabilities. Choose the model and bed size that best fit your needs, and use the cutter with nearly any flatbed printer, including the Mimaki JFX200, Mimaki JFX500, RICOH Pro L4130/L4160 and EFI® H1625/EFI® Pro 16h. The package pricing includes a flatbed cutter, computer, stand, operating system and Windows® software, vision registration system, a three-horsepower router, two tool holders, installation and onsite training — everything you need to add value and bring in profitable new work.

Produce in-demand applications on demand

Show your customers how their brand and messaging can stand out on 3D product displays, packaging samples, signs, decals, banners, outdoor exhibits, posters, vehicle wraps, point-of-sale materials and more. The SX Series digital flatbed cutters enable you to perform straight cutting, contour cutting, trimming, routing and creasing operations.

Add value with exceptional flatbed cutter quality

Manual cutting increases the risk of error and may not produce the clean, sharp edges your customers expect. The Colex OptiScout Vision Registration system — a camera and software combination — reads registration marks, crop marks and squares to help you finish jobs accurately and consistently. In addition, you can:

  • Create custom profiles for specific workflows.
  • Create and store individual settings for repeat jobs.
  • Complete multiple actions with one click.

Operate efficiently and reliably day after day

Support your long-term growth by investing in a cutter engineered for speed, precision and durability. The SX Series cutter movements are powered by top-of-the-line Panasonic servo motors. The 1631C conveyor model feeds rigid and semi-rigid substrates automatically, maintains proper substrate height and assures proper substrate placement. Other high-performance features include:

  • A triple interchangeable tool head that allows for optional add-on tools.
  • Computer selection of the tool for each job.
  • A unique six-zone, six-pump vacuum system that holds materials securely in place. If a pump fails, you can keep running jobs using the other zones, and you incur a small replacement cost compared to replacing expensive one-pump systems.

Promote your vast media choices

Win new business by demonstrating that you have virtually no media limitations to hinder creativity. Work with foam board, Gatorfoam®, paper, styrene, PVC, fabric, textiles, vinyl, aluminum, canvas, corrugated, Coroplast, Falconboard®, acrylic, wood, DiBond® and more.

Maximize operator productivity

The SX Series flatbed cutters simplify and speed up workflow by allowing you to:

  • Accept many formats of print files and cut files.
  • Use compatible third-party software: CAD, 3D and 2D software, packaging design software and more.
  • Use plug-ins to export data from CorelDRAW®, Illustrator and AutoCAD.

Enhance your environment

With the SX Series large-format printer cutters, you can shut down vacuum zones if they’re not needed to reduce power consumption. Additionally, each vacuum zone pump comes with a muffler for quiet operation, unlike competitive systems that charge for mufflers. And, you can assure your operators that there are no cutter emissions to worry about.


Color No
Copy No
Print No
Scan Yes
Warm-Up Time NA
Dimensions SX-1616: 84 in./214 cm (width) | 84 in./214 cm (length) | 63 x 63 in./160x160 cm (working area)
SX-1631: 84 in./214 cm (width) | 140 in./356 cm (length) | 63 x 122 in./160 x 310 cm (working area)
SX 1631C: 158 in./402 cm (width) | 146 in./371 cm (length) | 127 x 128 in./322 x 325 cm (working area)
Weight SX-1616: 1950 lb./885 kg
SX-1631: 2950 lb./1338 kg
SX 1631C: 6950 lb./3152 kg
Power Source SX-1616: 220V-Single Phase-30A & 110V-15A
SX-1631: 220V-Single Phase-40A & 110V-15A
SX 1631C: 220V-Three Phase-90A & 110V-15A
Scanning Resolution NA
Resolution NA
Configuration Flatbed
Paper Source NA
First Copy NA
Copy Speed NA
Reduction / Enlargement NA
Multiple Copies NA
Cutting Method Manual and automatic
Print Capabilities Optional
Controller Options NA
Network Protocol NA
Scanning Capabilities No
Scan Size NA
File Formats
Maximum Print Speed NA
Maximum Scan Speed NA
Print Controller NA
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Tools for Triple Head Tool
T00120 | Fixed Double Edge Knife

Used for thick vinyl foil, card stock, chip board, thick laminate, magnetic foil, membrane foil, mat cutting and expanded PVC.

T00130 | Creasing Wheel

For folding cardstock, carton and corrugated media.

T00135A | Kiss-Cutting Knife

Used for pressure sensitive labels, decals and vinyl cutting.

T00138 | Coroplast/Corrugated Knife (For Tight Curves)

Used for Coroplast up to 1/8” material, vinyl, card stock 1mm, corrugated, framing carton, paper stock, banner and vinyl media.

T00139 | Universal Single-Edge Knife (Straight Edge)

Used for Foam Board up to 1/4”, 3mm & 6mm Sintra.

T00140 | V-Cut Knife

Use for triple wall corrugated, Falcon Board and Honeycomb Board up to 1/2” for 90°.

T00141 | Universal Drawing Tool

Can be used to draw or plot simple text as well as applying lines and marks with a pen. Drawing can occur in any direction or at any angle in a variety of thicknesses. Ballpoint refills are available in red, black or blue.

T00144 | Perforating Wheel

Used to create a tear or folding line in paper, vinyl, card stock or carton.

T00152 | ROUTER 1HP

Router Spindle – 1.1 HP 24,000 rpm

T00150 | ROUTER, 3HP

Router Spindle – 3HP, 24,000 rpm

T00126 | Oscillating Knife, Standard

1.5mm stroke - Used to cut media such as corrugated stock, thicker grades of Foam Board, Honey Comb Board, Styrofoam and more.

T00143 | Rotary Knife (Motorized)

This tool utilizes a 10-sided cutting wheel to cut textiles, fabrics, and other fibrous materials. The cutting wheel rotates to glide through these materials producing a clean cut at high rates of speed.

T00146 | Power Textile Feeder
T00148 | Board Feeder with Pallet Table