Aficio MP W3601


Expand your options with
color scanning

Electronic document distribution is one of the fastest growing trends in business today. Capture marked-up changes in the field and deliver them direct to the designer with the RICOH Aficio MP W3601’s built-in color scanning option.

Customize your workflow
to meet your demands

In today’s new world of work, there’s a growing expectation that information must always be accessible and available. We can help. Designed to work the way you do, the RICOH Aficio MP W3601 Wide Format Digital Imaging System helps you share information, make changes and get your projects to the finish line with ease. Need to make changes on the fly? No problem. Simply scan in your marked-up copies and send them instantly to everyone who needs to know. Need to distribute copies to contractors or clients in the field? Easy. Just scan to a USB device and your documents are as mobile as you are.

On-time and on-budget

Get your projects done when you promised they’d be ready with the Ricoh Aficio MP W3601. You’ll cut costs and improve communications with powerful scan-to features that eliminate time-consuming mail or expensive courier delivery – now you can email documents to anyone, anywhere. 


Experience the convenience
of color scanning

Capture and share documents of all types and sizes quickly, easily and in color. The Ricoh Aficio MP W3601 is able to scan a variety of documents including architectural drawings, sepias, blueprints, detailed maps, folded or wrinkled papers, oversized drawings, photos and posters. Storing and sharing the docs is a cinch, with a built-in scanner that scans directly to email, SMB, folder, FTP, URL, NCP and document server.

De-clutter and decompress

Get rid of unsightly paper trails when you convert your paper documents to electronic files, saving space and cutting distribution time. You can also reduce paper and toner waste by previewing document thumbnails before printing or scanning.

See clearly now

We know how important it is to be able to capture, transform and manage information in this business – we’ve been innovating better ways to do it for decades.  To help harness the power of information management, Ricoh has incorporated technologies that convert scanned paper documents into electronic files and route them to network folders, email addresses, fax machines and other destinations safely and efficiently. A standard browser interface provides a secure environment on which to share information while scan-to-URL or scan-to-NCP options give authorized users 24/7 access to important documents.

Walk-up users, rejoice!

Simplify and enlarge displays with the touch of a button for easy walk-up use. 


Color No
Copy Yes
Print Yes
Scan Yes
Warm-Up Time Less than 120 Seconds
Dimensions 42.5" x 25" x 22.8" (1,080 mm x 637 mm x 580 mm)
Weight 236 lbs. (107 kg)
Power Source 120V 15A 60Hz
Scanning Resolution Up to 600 dpi
Twain: Up to 1,200 dpi
Resolution Up to 600 dpi
Configuration Desktop
Paper Source 1 or 2 roll paper feeder (optional);
1 drawer paper cassette tray (optional)
First Copy 18 seconds (D-Size)
Copy Speed 6.4 ppm (D-Size)
Reduction / Enlargement 18 presets; 25% to 400% by 0.1% increments
Multiple Copies 1 to 99 (ten key input)
Cutting Method Synchronized, preset cut, variable cut
Print Capabilities Optional
Controller Options Printer, Scanner
Network Protocol TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6), IPX/SPX
Scanning Capabilities Optional
Scan Size Maximum: 36" x 590" (914 mm x 15,000 mm)
Minimum: 8.3" x 8.3" (210 mm x 210 mm)
Bypass: 36"x 78" (914 mm x 2,000 mm)
File Formats HP-GL, HP-GL2, HP-RTL, TIFF, PostScript/PDF, CALS
Maximum Print Speed 6.4 ppm D-size LEF, 3.4 ppm E-size SEF
Maximum Scan Speed 3.14 ips (B&W) (80 mm/s);
1.05 ips (Color) (26.7 mm/s)
Print Controller Embedded Controller;
Print Speed: 6.4 ppm D-size LEF, 3.4 ppm E-size SEF;
Print Resolution: Up to 600 dpi;
HDD 160 GB (shared with other applications such as Copy/Scanner);
Supported File Formats: HP-GL, HP-GL2, HP-RTL, TIFF, PostScript/PDF, CALS;
Standard Drivers: PostScript 3, HDI (AutoCad);
Network Protocol: TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6), IPX/SPX
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Printer Controller Specifications (Option)
Controller Board


Print Speed

6.4 ppm D-size LEF,
3.4 ppm E-size SEF

Print Resolution

Up to 600 dpi


160 GB (shared with other applications such as Copy/Scanner)

Supported File Formats


Standard Drivers

PostScript 3, HDI (AutoCad)

Network Protocol


Print Controller Features

Auto Paper Select
Auto Reduce/Enlarge
Combine Copy
Copy to Document Server
Drawing Mode Selection
Electronic Sort
Image Overlay
Job Interrupt
User Reduce/Enlarge
Paper Remaining Level
Stamp Settings

Scanner Specifications (Option)
Controller Board


Scan Speed

3.14 ips (B&W) (80 mm/s);
1.05 ips (Color) (26.7 mm/s)

Scan Resolution

Up to 600 dpi;
Twain: up to 1,200 dpi


Erase Border, Positive/Negative, Mirror Image


Full View: 18" x 24";
Section Preview: 24" x 36"

Scan File Formats

Multi Page TIFF, Single Page TIFF,
Multi Page PDF, Single page PDF,
Single Page JPEG

Scan Modes

B&W: Text/Line Art (Default), Drawing,
Text/Photo, Grayscale;
Color: Text/Photo, Photo

Scanner Features

Scan-to-Document Server
Network TWAIN Scan
Encrypted PDF
Preview Before Transmission (TX)
Automatic File Name & Setting
Simultaneous Transmission
Scan Naming


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Downloads & Drivers

Aficio MP W3601 Configurations

You can personally accessorize your MP W3601, but if you're interested in a pre-configured, ready-to-ship option, check out our new Signature Series. Designed with the most popular combination of features and benefits, our Signature Series lets you choose the specific pre-configured bundle that best fits your business needs — all while helping you save time and money, and providing easy installation.

For the MP W3601, you can choose from the following options:

The MP W3601 Plus is one option in our new Signature Series of pre-configured, ready to ship units. Designed with the most popular combination of features and benefits, our Signature Series lets you choose the specific pre-configured bundle that best fits your business needs — all while helping you save time and money, and providing easy installation.

For the MP W3601 you can also choose from a base model that you can accessorize yourself:


Aficio MP W3601 Base

Aficio MP W3601 Plus

Best Used For Large-format technical documents Large-format documents and complex projects

Color, Copy, Print, Scan

Color, Copy, Print, Scan

Max Print Speed

6.4ppm D-size LEF, 3.4ppm E-size SEF

6.4ppm D-size LEF, 3.4ppm E-size SEF



Roll Feeder Type 3601A

Additional Features

All Optional

Scanner Option

Printer Option

File Format Converter

USB2.0/SD Slot

PlotWorks Code

Power Filter

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Included with this Configuration

Reduce the downtime and service calls on your units. The ESP XG-PCS-15D Power Filter helps clean the noise and flux out of your inbound power source which can lead to fewer work disruptions and better performance.

Manage project-critical, wide-format construction information with the Plotworks Code for MP W3601, a batch-plotting feature to help you prepare accurate, what-you-see-is-what-you-print (WYSIWYP) jobs.

Scan and save directly to portable media with the USB2.0/SD Slot TypeE. Give both guests and mobile employees the flexibility they need.

Get one roll of continuous printing up to 590” with the Roll Feeder Type 3601A.

Scan to email / folder and access WebImageMonitor with the Scanner Option Type W3601. Use it by itself or with the embedded printer option.

Print at the device — without a separate, external PC — with the Printer Option Type W3601.

Download stored documents from the Document Server and change the print size with the File Format Converter Type F.

Remotely manage your printer fleet with @Remote. This internet-based tool lets you monitor your device usage, automate meter reads and toner alerts, and quickly alert your service provider of problems to shorten downtime and improve service.