RICOH Pro VC60000


Add value back into your printing

Your offset presses are great for long-run jobs when every page is the same. But your customers demand a more targeted approach with their campaigns and collateral. This requires personalization, customization, versioning or last-minute changes — requirements that you can meet only when you can capture and manage information so it goes to the right people at the right times.

That is where the RICOH Pro VC60000 has the advantage — combining high-speed printing with the ability to create targeted campaigns.  Put one next to your offset presses, and it can churn out the variable data printing (VDP) jobs that aren't possible or profitable to run on offset.

Help customers send the right message

You can print books, direct mail or marketing collateral now, but they’re static — and generic. And as customers look to use print more effectively, they need fast turnarounds and messages that are precisely tailored to their audiences.

With the Pro VC60000’s VDP, you can print jobs virtually any way they want. Change addresses, content and even images on the fly. Getting a lot of “I need it now!” requests? The VC60000 can take care of those quick-turnaround jobs — all in professional-looking, near-offset image quality. 

Want major efficiency gains? Add software.

The RICOH Pro VC60000 by itself can help you increase revenue with variable data printing. But complementary software ups your game. You can automate manual processes that slow down operations, increase errors and raise costs. With one or more of these solutions, you can capture and manage information so it's always accessible to the people who need it, when they need it:

  • RICOH ProcessDirector. Manage output processes, print queues, printers, reprints and more with centralized control.
  • TotalFlow BatchBuilder. Organize incoming jobs into batches based on customer-defined criteria, so like jobs can be produced together. Simplify job ticketing, scheduling, routing and finishing.
  • TotalFlow Production Manager. Build or modify workflows with drag-and-drop ease, then centrally manage workflows and printers to streamline throughput.

Grow with expert guidance and support

Investing in a new press is a big decision — so let Ricoh’s production print expertise support you every step of the way. Our specialists can help you grow your print volumes and achieve your business goals, both pre- and post-sale. And in case of any problems, our dedicated service and support can get you back up and running in no time.


Handle multiple datastreams at rated speeds

Be the commercial printer who says yes to multiple datastreams. The RICOH Pro VC60000's controller, the TotalFlow Print Server R600A, can handle PDF, PostScript, JDF and Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™) — without putting job fidelity at risk.

Additionally, the controller RIPs through jobs at a pace that keeps up with the printer speed and produces 1200x1200 dpi at 164 fpm (50 mpm) or 600x600 dpi at 394 fpm (120 mpm). Your operators can log into the intuitive interface in the shop or remotely, so there are no lulls in the action.


Give every pixel its own special treatment

Ink, like variable data, has to be put in the right places for the highest quality. The drop-on-demand stainless steel printheads adjust ink drop size dynamically for every pixel. The Pro VC60000 production inkjet system uses only the amount needed, and not a speck more, so you won't waste ink.

But that's not all. Our high-viscosity, quick-drying pigment ink helps prevent smearing, bleeding or blotches. And with two 10-liter containers for each color, your operators can replace ink less often and on the fly, so there's less device downtime. 


Turn up the temp to dry jobs quickly

Depending on the paper and ink coverage, the drying time for certain jobs is tricky. Good thing the Pro VC60000 has climate controls. You can turn on the heat with the optional extended dryer. And don't worry — it's dry heat, so you can send gorgeous jobs out the door, no sweat.


Print Speed - Color Up to 1716 letter size sheets per minute 2 up
Print Speed - Black & White Up to 1716 letter size sheets per minute 2 up
Print Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi
Color Capable Yes
Max Paper Size 20.5 in./520 mm paper
Modem Speed N/A
Technology 2 bits per spot
Stochastic screening
Dynamic variable drop size for every point on a page
Finishing Options Multiple partners provide a variety of unwind, rewind, cut, fold, dynamic perforation, vision systems and inline processing, including a solution for books
Weight Base Engine: 3858 lbs (1750kg)
Control Unit: 849 lbs (405 kg)
Dimensions Base unit (H x W x D): 87"" x 194"" x 93"" (4920 mm x 2369 mm x 2195 mm)
Control Unit (H x W x D): 49"" x24"" x 39.5"" (1244.6 x 609.6x 1003.3 mm)
Energy Star Compliant No
Software Yes
Document Server No
Duty Cycle N/A
NIC (Network Card) Standard
Glossary Items

IPM - Impressions Per Minute (usually equivalent to pages per minute). The usual references are for 8.5 x 11 impressions or pages. If this is referring to a different sized impression /page, then it should be defined, i.e. 6 x 9, etc.
AFP - Advanced Function Printing
IPDS - Intelligent Printer Data Stream 

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Part Number Description Yield
828286 Pro Ink Cartridge Cyan VC60000 Type C
828287 Pro Ink Cartridge Magenta VC60000 Type C
828288 Pro Ink Cartridge Yellow VC60000 Type C
828289 Pro Ink Cartridge Black VC60000 Type C

Yields not published due to variation of print elements (images and text), profile/ink settings, paper characteristics and engine-selected drop size.


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What you can do with RICOH Pro VC60000

Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts

Explore profitable growth opportunities.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

Change the game with digital



Customization and short-runs made easy and cost-effective.