Transitioning to digital color printing can be a daunting proposition. “Will I be able to meet my performance demands?” “What new skills will I need?” “Am I making the right technology choice?”

We understand these concerns. That’s why we’ve created the RICOH IP5000 General Production Platform (GP) inkjet printers – to make it easy to smoothly transition from monochrome to digital color.

IP5000 GP models enable full-color, monochrome and MICR printing on a wide range of paper stocks and at a variety of speeds. Colorful graphics and personalized printing makes information easier to understand, which can help open new revenue opportunities in fast-changing markets.

Realize your business’ potential

Your printer should keep up with changing workplace and market demands—now and in the future. Today, you might be managing short runs of monochrome documents on preprinted stock. Tomorrow, you may need to add long runs of full-color documents on plain white paper or bid for print-on-demand jobs. You’ll want the flexibility of a printer that can keep up with your business.

See how United Fulfillment Services used the increased power and output quality of multiple InfoPrint 5000s to improve customer service and oversight—all while keeping overall costs down.

Versatility is at the core of the Ricoh IP5000 GP design:

  • Choose from U, L, I and H configurations to make the most out of available floor space—and give operators room to do their jobs
  • Please even the most fickle of customers with  on-demand drying features to print on a wide range of stocks
  • Tailor the platform with three options for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) printing and be assured of secure and efficient documents.

The flexibility of IP5000 GP models makes them ideal for transactional, commercial and book printers, as well as direct mailers.

Blossom with color

Capitalize on digital color printing to deliver the compelling results that your business needs. Expand your potential with standardized color matching for unmatched, vibrant graphics. In addition to offering industry-leading color quality, IP5000 GP models also come with unique imaging technology designed to reduce errors, rework and waste. Advanced ink management tools minimize ink consumption so you can put your money toward your big ideas – not your printing costs.

A printer that changes when you do

Keep up with change while controlling costs. IP5000 GP models let you upgrade speeds and incorporate platform enhancements without having to replace your entire printer. And our in-field technicians can upgrade your system to help you meet your evolving needs without having to replace your existing environment.

Transform with a customized road map

In today’s changing world of work, you need to make wise decisions to be successful. Ricoh can help. Ask us for a detailed, no-charge assessment of your environment. This service is the starting point for a comprehensive strategy that will help you minimize risk, leverage your existing equipment and support your long-term goals. Our methodology—developed and refined over the years in hundreds of different customer environments—provides the basis for a solution that’s uniquely tailored to your specific needs and environment.

  See the IP5000 GP in action at Diamond Marketing


Meet tight deadlines

Narrow print windows? No problem. Make tight deadlines a thing of the past with high-throughput printing. And advanced media handling capability and improved ink drying time mean that many stocks can be run at a variety of speeds.


Broaden your appeal

Reach new customers and take on new types of jobs by supporting a greater number of ink types, media types and file formats. Opt for integrated on-demand MICR with color or monochrome, and save space and energy at the same time. Gain full-color support for process and spot colors, International Color Consortium (ICC)–based color management and industry-standard image file formats. PANTONE PLUS certification gives you an ever-increasing range of color possibilities. We are G7 certified so you can count on consistent color. And you can print on heavy, light, treated and coated stocks to add flash to books, customer communications, direct marketing, and more.


Get up and running quickly

The IP5000 GP platform is designed to easily integrate into your existing environment. Support for the open Interchange Set/3 (IS/3) architecture means you can print Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) data streams correctly, even in multi-vendor environments.


Reduce costs

IP5000 GP models can help you control costs and save on printing. We’ve given the IP5000 GPs the longest-lasting printheads on the market, so you can avoid the time and costs of replacing printheads and stay focused on printing. Low water content inks reduce the amount of energy required for drying. In addition, dynamic variable drop size capabilities optimize the amount of ink used for each pixel on a page, so you use only as much ink as you need for each print job.


We Keep Your Business Moving

We know that downtime is money. And whether it’s shifting to a new printing solution or a faulty printer, you don’t have time – or money – to waste. That’s why we work with you to understand your particular needs and deliver the outstanding support you need to keep your printer – and your business – running for years to come. We’ve been doing this a long time, and when things go south, we’ll be here to help.


Print Speed - Color Up to 1832 ipm 2 up 8.5x11 portrait
Print Speed - Black & White Up to 420 feet/min, 128 meters/min
Print Resolution 720 × 360 dpi
Color Capable Yes
Max Paper Size 6.4 in./165 mm to 20.4 in./520 mm paper
Modem Speed not available
Technology 2 bits per spot
Stochastic screening
Dynamic variable drop size for every point on a page
Finishing Options Multiple partners provide a variety of unwind, rewind, cut, fold, dynamic perforation, vision systems and inline processing, including a solution for books
Weight Base Engine: 4960 lbs. (2250 kg)
Control Unit: 849 lbs (405 kg)
Dimensions Base unit (H x W x D): 70" x 69.5" x 116.5" (1780 x 1766 x 2960 mm)

Control Unit (H x W x D including stand and monitor): 49" x 24" x 39.5" (1244.6 x 609.6x 1003.3 mm)
Energy Star Compliant No
Software Yes
Document Server No
Duty Cycle not available
NIC (Network Card) Standard
Glossary Items

IPM - Impressions Per Minute (usually equivalent to pages per minute). The usual references are for 8.5 x 11 impressions or pages. If this is referring to a different sized impression /page, then it should be defined, i.e. 6 x 9, etc.
AFP - Advanced Function Printing
IPDS - Intelligent Printer Data Stream

Full Specifications Download Full List


Part Number Description Yield
12X2345 Ink Dye, Yellow
12X1675 Ink Collection Pad
12X2347 Ink Dye, Black
12X3723 Ink MICR
12X2346 Ink Dye, Magenta
12X2344 Ink Dye, Cyan
12X1789 Ink Pigment, Black
12X1788 Ink Pigment, Yellow
12X1786 Ink Pigment, Cyan
12X1666 Waste Ink Tank
12X2609 Ink Pigment, Magenta

Yields not published due to variation of print elements (images and text), profile/ink settings, paper characteristics and engine-selected drop size.


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What you can do with RICOH IP5000 GP

Critical Communications

Critical Communications

Produce regulated, customized or personalized documents perfectly.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

Change the game with digital



Customization and short-runs made easy and cost-effective.