InfoPrint 4100


Meet SLAs reliably, month after month

When your revenue depends on meeting your service level agreements (SLAs), there are two non-negotiable priorities: reliability and service when you need it. You get both with the InfoPrint® 4100 family of monochrome roll-fed web presses. When you need to print millions of impressions every month, you can.

Be practical and smart—consolidate

You wouldn't use two or three small carts at the grocery store to do a big shopping, right?  So why use multiple printers when one would do? Move jobs to our continuous feed printing system and lower labor and maintenance costs. There's a model just for you, with speeds up to 330 linear feet per minute (fpm) and browser-based remote monitoring.

Count all the ways you can lower cost

Just how does the InfoPrint 4100 lower costs? Choose either pinfed or pinless1 stock for things like statement printing and marketing projects. Print short runs profitably—books, manuals and so on. Print 3-up instead of 2-up. Use lighter-weight paper for direct mail and transactional printing. Run MICR jobs on the same printer.

Find a new revenue stream? Check.

Grow your business by pursuing a new revenue source: check printing. InfoPrint 4100 models can run MICR applications at top speeds. Also, just so you know, swapping developer stations from regular toner to MICR is quick and easy. The less downtime, the more money you make.

Use insider information to boost efficiency

Want to squeeze out every drop of productivity? Install InfoPrint Productivity Tracker software. It captures information about printers, operators and print jobs. You'll know exactly what to do to fine tune operations.

Earn ooohs and aaahs from your customers

Can you afford not to have jobs look their best? The right toner is key to high-quality print. Are all toners created equal? Not at all. It's important to use the latest technology, which we develop specifically for the InfoPrint 4100. And with 600 dpi quality, and halftone settings, you won't miss a quality beat.

Call us, we're there when you need us

For more than 12 years, the InfoPrint 4100 has earned rave reviews for reliability and product enhancements. But web presses are mechanical, so maintenance is part of the deal. When you're running two or three shifts to meet tight deadlines, and you need service, you need it now. With Ricoh, you can get up to 24x7x365 support.

Need an alternative to new?

When you have strict spending limits, consider a used InfoPrint 4100. We've maintained the printers in our used equipment program, so you know they've received excellent care. We offer three levels of used equipment, from "as is" up to fully refurbished. All of our used printers qualify for Ricoh maintenance going forward.


Reduce the cost of developing applications

The InfoPrint POWER Controller offers color emulation capabilities and support for Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) color management. As a result, you can print some color applications that are compliant with AFP color architecture without changes on both color printers and InfoPrint 4100 printers. For example, if you have FS45, GIF, TIFF or JPEG color objects, no need to spend the time and money converting them to halftones for monochrome printing. The InfoPrint POWER controller will do it for you.


Raise productivity by the numbers

A data-gathering tool, InfoPrint Productivity Tracker software provides insights about printer performance, operator activities and print job statistics.  The software allows you to define and capture most printer and pre- and post-processor events. You can see what's happening day to day as well as what's trending over time.


Brag about print quality

Print all kinds of applications, from statements to checks to marketing materials to books, with total confidence. Our patented print quality enhancement feature provides 256 levels of gray, four screen frequencies, seven levels of contrast control and 600 dpi. So go right ahead and talk up quality, because you can.


Lower costs with 3-up printing

Reduce the cost of printing by up to 33 percent in usage charge per impression compared to the same size 2-up printing. How? With the InfoPrint 4100's 19-inch printable width, you can do true 3-up printing, with buffer to trim, for certain applications.


Set operator privileges

With the enhanced operator console, you can assign different privileges to different operators. This way, you can manage experience levels and security. In addition, if you use InfoPrint Manager to manage printers, jobs and queues, you also can run it from the console. And you can log in from anywhere.


Load the correct form every time OR Avoid unnecessary rework

If you use the wrong form for a job, things get messy quickly. Our forms ID system verifies that the correct form is loaded so you can avoid costly reprints.



Print Speed - Color not available
Print Speed - Black & White TS1 Simplex: up to 381 ipm, 2 up 8.5x11 portrait
TS2 Simplex: up to 610 ipm, 2 up 8.5x11 portrait
TS3 Simplex: up to 720 ipm, 2 up 8.5x11 portrait
TD1/TD2 Duplex: up to 762 ipm, 2 up 8.5x11 portrait
TD3/TD4 Duplex: up to 1220 ipm, 2 up 8.5x11 portrait
TD5/TD6 Duplex: up to 1440 ipm, 2 up 8.5x11 portrait
Print Resolution 480 dpi or 600 dpi
Color Capable No
Max Paper Size Width: 19 in. (482.6 mm)

Pre-post processing interfaces enable many input and finishing options.
Modem Speed not available
Technology Electrophotographic (EP)
Finishing Options Multiple partners provide a variety of unwind, rewind, cut, fold, dynamic perforation, vision systems and inline processing, including a solution for books
Weight 2,226 lb./1,012 kg (weight TD1, TD3, TD5); 2,356 lb./1,071 kg (weight TS1, TS2, HS3, TD2, TD4, TD6)
Dimensions 104" x 39" x 61" (2,642 mm x 991 mm x 1,550 mm) (W x D x H)
Energy Star Compliant No
Software Yes
Document Server No
Duty Cycle not available
NIC (Network Card) Standard
Glossary Items

IPM - Impressions Per Minute (usually equivalent to pages per minute). The usual references are for 8.5 x 11 impressions or pages. If this is referring to a different sized impression/page, then it should be defined, i.e. 6 x 9, etc.
AFP - Advanced Function Printing
IPDS - Intelligent Printer Data Stream

Full Specifications Download Full List


Part Number Description Yield
56Y2701 Version 7 Developer (TS2, TS3, TD3, TD4, TD5, TD6) 1,600,000 x 2
1372464 Fine Filter 3,500,000
56Y2101 MICR Developer (for use with 3.3 kg fill toner) (HD3, HD4, HD5, HD6, TD3, TD4, TD5, TD6) 1,200,000 x 2
17R7656 Fuser Oil Belt Wick (Teflon) (HD5, HD6) 1,500,000
57P2249 Oiler Belt (HD 3/4) 1,500,000
1402819 Fuser Oil (Roll) 450,000
1372463 Fuser Belt Oil 700,000
57P1892 Version 3 Developer (HS2, HD3, HD4) 1,600,000 x 2
57P1887 Version 3 Toner (3.0 kg fill) (HS2, HD3, HD4) 76,000 x 4
56Y2700 Version 7 Toner (3.0 kg fill) (TS2, TS3, TD3, TD4, TD5, TD6) 100,000 x 4
69G7370 Version 2 Developer (TS1, TD1, TD2, HD1, HD2, HS3, HD5, HD6, MS1, MD1, MD2) 1,600,000 x 2
69G7377 Version 2 Toner (2.72 kg fill) (TS1, TD1, TD2, HD1, HD2, HS3, HD5, HD6, MS1, MD1, MD2) 85,500 x 4
56Y2100 MICR Toner (3.3kg fill) (HD3, HD4, HD5, HD6, TD3, TD4, TD5, TD6) 111,000 x 4
56Y2500 Version 5 Toner (3.3kg fill) (HS2, HD3, HD4) 111,000 x 4
56Y2501 Version 5 Developer (HS2, HD3, HD4) 2,000,000 x 2
17R7655 Fuser Oil (HD5, HD6) 700,000
Splicing Tape 8507 Scotch Repulpable forms splicing tape 8507 1/2 X 15yards 72 rolls per carton, white 4.0 mil coated kraft backing

These yields are not a guarantee of minimum life and are not covered under warranty, but are provided to assist in supplies planning. Actual usage should be used to establish the life of the supply product in each end user’s specific application. Many factors, such as print coverage per page, paper type and size, and environmental conditions can affect supply life. These numbers reflect an approximate average yield that has been established for each supply item indicated based on 4% coverage given a 100 square inch document with a forms length of 1 foot at contrast setting C4. Yield based on 1.2 optical density.


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What you can do with InfoPrint 4100

Banking and Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services

Make a financial statement.

Critical Communications

Critical Communications

Produce regulated, customized or personalized documents perfectly.



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