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Energy and Utilities

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Increase marketing ROI

You spend a lot of money on customer communications, but you aren’t seeing the marketing results you want. Your customers just aren’t engaging with you. Our energy and utility industry solutions can help you achieve your goals with customer analysis, statement design, ultra-efficient automated workflow, printers and services.


Improve targeted messaging

You need to motivate your customers to change their behaviors in areas like late pay, rate plans, e-billing and energy conservation. Our predictive analytics tools quickly show you which customers have the greatest propensity to act on specific offers, so campaign include/exclude decisions are easy. And with targeted messaging, your response rates go up.


Make statements easy to read

When your customers are confused or can’t find the information they want, they pick up the phone. You can lower call center costs with concise, easy-to-read color statements that our team can help create. And, updating bill design to comply with new regulations? It’s easy with our workflow system and limited IT involvement.


Simplify compliance

Utility statements are considered critical communications because they’re regulated and contain personal information. You have to produce them perfectly and be able to prove compliance. That’s no small task with manual processes. With our workflow software, you can track every item, automate reprints and get the reports you need.


Take advantage of postal discounts

Pennies saved can add up to a big number. With Ricoh, you can sort mail electronically, automate inserters, and apply Intelligent Mail® barcodes. You also can switch from inserts to onserts and set up mail delivery preferences: electronic, paper, or both.


Enjoy the best of both worlds

With our inkjet web systems, you can be creative and practical. You can personalize every communication and print color, monochrome or MICR, while conserving space and energy. Our systems work with PDF, PostScript® and/or AFP™, and ink management tools reduce ink usage and cost, so you save with every print job.


Break down silos

Do your systems talk to each other? Ricoh can unite disparate systems in order to analyze all of the data that can benefit your entire business. And with our data insights, you can be sure that you’re delivering a consistent, positive experience for your customers across your entire organization.

Featured Printers

InfoPrint 5000 GP

InfoPrint 5000 GP

Versatile media handling, exceptional investment protection.

Quick Summary
  • Adapt to evolving requirements while controlling costs
  • Migrate to trusted, configurable digital color technology
  • Meet tight deadlines with high-throughput printing
  • Discover your business’ potential with a personalized assessment
RICOH Pro 8100EX / 8100s / 8110s / 8120s

RICOH Pro 8100EX / 8100s / 8110s / 8120s

Superior quality, low-cost production for high-volume workloads.

Quick Summary
  • Increase turnaround times for high volume workloads
  • Produce high-value duplex jobs with precise registration
  • Unmatched ease of use for complete document production
  • Increase uptime with Trained Customer Replaceable Units
RICOH Pro C901 / C901s Graphic Arts +

RICOH Pro C901 / C901s Graphic Arts +

Exceptional print quality, uptime and versatility.

Quick Summary
  • Choice of print-only or multi-function model
  • Extensive self-maintenance program
  • Runs at rated speed on media up to 300gsm
  • Near-offset print quality 

Featured Software

RICOH ProcessDirector

RICOH ProcessDirector

Monitor, manage, track and report production print workflow

Quick Summary
  • Track and manage jobs from a web-based GUI
  • Build dynamic workflows with drag-and-drop ease
  • Automate manual tasks and reprints to help reduce costs
  • Create and deliver multi-channel communications
RICOH ProcessDirector Express

RICOH ProcessDirector Express

Automate workflow processes with dashboard control.

Quick Summary
  • Index and edit PDF jobs with control, from receipt through delivery
  • Build customized workflows in a flash
  • Manage jobs sent to multiple printers or through multiple channels
  • Archive jobs for long-term storage and retrieval
RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer

RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer

Edit PDF files with speed, ease and accuracy

Quick Summary
  • Edit print-ready PDF files on the fly
  • Insert images, text, barcodes and signatures
  • Offer new services without adding technical expertise
  • Get up and running quickly — it's an Acrobat plug-in

Featured Services & Solutions

Automated Document Factory (ADF)

Automated Document Factory (ADF)

Lower costs and improve quality by automating print and mail processes

Quick Summary
  • Lower costs by automating workflows, including implementing USPS rules
  • Account for every page you print
  • Manipulate data so you can handle more kinds of jobs
  • Manage one or more sites from a single dashboard
Hardware & Software Integration

Hardware & Software Integration

You know what you want. We know how.

Quick Summary
  • Save time and money by using our staff
  • Secure the best possible setup for your business
  • Cut equipment costs by benefiting from our vendor relationships
  • Feel confident with our experts who are on call, so you don’t have to be
Mail Integrity

Mail Integrity

Increase postal savings by implementing USPS rules

Quick Summary
  • Qualify for as many postal discounts as possible
  • Implement Intelligent Mail® barcodes
  • Communicate with the USPS electronically via PostalOne!
  • Improve productivity by eliminating mail workflow bottlenecks

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