Direct Marketing


Capitalize on email fatigue

Many consumers are opting out of email offers, in part because the information is irrelevant to them. In the financial services and insurance industries, for example, 36 percent of survey respondents prefer direct mail1. And despite the popular perceptions of digital marketing’s effectiveness, response rates are 4.4 percent for direct mail compared to 0.12 percent for email.2

But modern direct mail requires micro-targeting and personalization, which is possible only with digital capabilities. Ready to capitalize on email fatigue? Get started with our e-book.


Reinvent direct mail

You can't play by the old rules, so now's the time to assess your commercial print business. Download our checklist, “Are you Prepared for the Future of Direct Mail?” You'll get a handle on where you are and where you want to go. We can then help you develop a strategy and customize a solution that includes:

  • Document composition.
  • Workflow software.
  • Marketing automation tools.
  • Digital color output devices like the RICOH Pro VC60000.

Worried about complexity? Don’t be. Our professional services team integrates everything.


Automate as much as possible

Instead of manually managing jobs, manage your growth. With the right software, you can make every communication unique and send follow-up mailers based on specific responses, no matter how varied. You can also track jobs at the document level and provide real-time feedback to your customers about their jobs. And you can integrate inserters, automate reprints and manage service-level agreements (SLAs). 


Complement online marketing

Take advantage of the combined clout of offline and online marketing. According to the Direct Marketing Association3, these are the top three actions people take after receiving direct mail from a brand they’re interested in:

  • Visit the website (44 percent)
  • Search online (34 percent)
  • Keep the direct mail piece for future reference (26 percent)


Eliminate preprinted forms

With preprinted forms, a large amount of space and overhead goes into printing shells and managing inventory. With our roll fed digital printing solution, you no longer have to produce, manage or store preprinted forms. White paper goes in. Finished product comes out. Cash stays in your wallet.


1 The Huffington Post: Direct Mail Preferred Over Email: Survey Says

2 Direct Marketing Association: Direct mail response rates beat digital

3 From Letter to Inbox, a study by the Direct Marketing Association, 2013.

Keep up to date

Our mail optimization software notifies you in real time of invalid addresses. The software can suppress the undeliverable pieces of mail, print them as originally addressed or with updated addresses. And you can add other mail services, like Intelligent Mail® (IMb mail barcodes) for send and remit pieces, to further increase efficiency and lower costs.

Use insights from your data

The insights from data can help you expand into new applications and help your customers pinpoint audiences, messages and offers. Your customers can decide quickly who to include or exclude in marketing campaigns. And with variable data printing capability, you can personalize each mailer.

Grow as you go

Buy only what you need now. Our vendor-neutral workflow solutions let you decide how and when to expand. Either RICOH ProcessDirector or RICOH ProcessDirector Express workflow software can support your business now and in the future, regardless of volume, platform and print stream.

Featured Printers

RICOH Pro C9100 / C9110

RICOH Pro C9100 / C9110

Discover the value of high-powered, on-demand printing.

Quick Summary
  • Print up to 130 pages per minute on diverse media up to 400 gsm
  • Turn customized controls into on-demand production
  • Produce professional output with in-line finishing
  • Deliver information with near-offset print quality up to 4800 dpi


Versatile media handling, exceptional investment protection.

Quick Summary
  • Adapt to evolving requirements while controlling costs
  • Migrate to trusted, configurable digital color technology
  • Meet tight deadlines with high-throughput printing
  • Discover your business’ potential with a personalized assessment
RICOH Pro VC60000

RICOH Pro VC60000

Explore Next-Gen Continuous Feed Inkjet

Quick Summary
  • Tackle short-run print jobs quickly and cost-effectively
  • Add value to what you produce with VDP
  • Deliver consistent color on every job
  • Improve graphic communications with personalization

Featured Software

RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer

RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer

Edit PDF files with speed, ease and accuracy

Quick Summary
  • Edit print-ready PDF files on the fly
  • Insert images, text, barcodes and signatures
  • Offer new services without adding technical expertise
  • Get up and running quickly — it's an Acrobat plug-in


Online marketing collateral customization and ordering.

Quick Summary
  • Web-to-print system for print service providers
  • Marketing-on-demand system for enterprises
  • Secure, hosted SaaS model deploys quickly and easily
  • Supports print, email and cross-media campaigns

Featured Services & Solutions

Postal and Data Quality Solutions

Postal and Data Quality Solutions

Increase postal savings. Qualify for USPS discounts.

Quick Summary
  • Continue to pursue Full-Service compliance
  • Communicate with the USPS electronically
  • Eliminate print and mail workflow bottlenecks
  • Lower costs by automating mail handling steps
Document Composition

Document Composition

Create or modify documents for printing and e-presentment.

Quick Summary
  • Create / modify documents without your software developers 
  • Replace preprinted inserts with onserts
  • Enable multichannel communications, including e-presentment
  • Improve response rates with personalized messages
Web to Print

Web to Print

Delight your customers. Improve efficiency and profitability.

Quick Summary
  • Streamline job ordering with branded, customized print storefronts
  • Send jobs automatically to a device or to your MIS
  • Integrate campaign management and support for variable data print
  • Choose onsite or cloud-based web-to-print solutions