Critical Communications


Is it critical?

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you're working with critical communications.

  • Does the document have to be accurate?
  • Is it regulated?
  • Are you required to track and report on it?
  • Does it contain customization or personal information?

We specialize in helping companies like yours handle sensitive information without a hitch. For decades, our workflow solutions have kept information moving in the right formats, in the way that people want to receive their documents. Find out how Joe solved his challenges related to critical communications.

Cash in on critical communications

How large is the opportunity? In the U.S., billions of "critical" documents are produced every year—insurance policies, medical records, voting ballots, statements, customized direct mail, casino coupons, lottery tickets and more. How can you produce these jobs successfully and prove accuracy at the lowest cost? Implement one of our Critical Communications solutions, and you'll be thrilled by how much control you have over the information.


Be the print provider who can do it all

When you have a Critical Communications solution in place, you can throw out your assumptions about what's possible. Old, limiting beliefs have no place in an operation that is all about fast throughput and putting devices to full use. Our vendor-neutral, open solutions are downright chatty with other systems, and the single point of control — the web-based GUI — puts information at your fingertips, allowing you to see and control every job. You won't have to worry about datastreams, either, because you can work with native PDF or AFP or both, along with the other common streams, and send jobs to both cutsheet and continuous feed devices.

Collage of documents

Operate with data integrity that never sleeps

When it comes to getting things right and finding missing or damaged documents, the detective in our software never sleeps. Think of having your own personal Sherlock, who tracks and verifies individual documents throughout the production process. To prove his thoroughness, you can get simple verification reports or complex audit-ready reports. When you need a reprint, the software takes care of it automatically. Or, to reprint next year, just put the job into the integrated archive and fetch it when you need it.

Check in with Joe and see how he has achieved output integrity:

Insist on hands off, not hands on

If you had a dime for every human error you've had to fix in the last five years, you'd be rich, right? But there's not enough money to make up for the risk that you don't catch all the errors and the cost of fixing those that do happen. Now you can replace manual tasks, remove touch points and eliminate human errors by automating processes. Take your operational flexibility to a whole new level with a visual workflow builder, the ability to index and edit fully composed PDF files, deadline tracking, routing jobs to multivendor devices and much more.

Discover what workflow automation does for John:

Downsize mail costs

Total cost of postage, materials, insertion equipment and sorting equipment? It’s a big number. Downsize it! And get all the discounts you deserve. Automate print and mail processes so you can write a much smaller check to the USPS:

  • Identify and extract address information (even from fully composed files) so it can be sent to a third-party postal software for electronic presorting
  • Presort mail electronically before printing
  • Associate documents with the workflow and pull out/put back in address information automatically
  • Reduce the amount of returned mail because outgoing addresses are more accurate

Discover how Dennis dealt with a mountain of undeliverable mail:

Small business, big results

Our Critical Communications solutions rival the solutions available to large businesses—at a fraction of the cost. They fit right into your infrastructure, so you can avoid complications or costly surprises, and they help you increase the value of investments you've already made. If you use Avanti Slingshot, for example, you can opt for the Avanti Slingshot Connect feature, which sets up a communication link between your MIS system and our workflow software. Fasten your seat belt because information flies back and forth, which enables you to complete more business-level tasks in Avanti.


The Critical Communications solution suite consists of three software platforms:

Our modular workflow automation software, RICOH ProcessDirector and RICOH ProcessDirector Express,offers these optional critical communications features:

  • Archive allows you to accommodate requirements for long-term storage, whether that's related to reprinting jobs or meeting legal or compliance requirements. You can archive jobs and their associated index information as a step in workflow, and you can quickly and easily search for a document or job using the indexed properties. After you retrieve a job, you can view it, reprint it or take other actions. As a result of moving jobs out of the workflow software's active job list, your operators have fewer files to manage day to day, so they can work more efficiently. Your operators can work more efficiently when they can access the information they need when they need it.
  • Avanti Slingshot Connect enables job and JDF information to be sent from the Avanti Slingshot MIS system to our workflow software, which processes it. Thereafter, our software can provide job status related to specific workflow steps, time duration and pages printed to Avanti. By integrating these systems and automating the reporting process, you can use Avanti to track all jobs in a single system, calculate production costs, manage inventory and use Avanti's advanced scheduling tools.
  • Postal Enablement extracts address information from fully composed documents and presents it to third-party postal optimization software. You can install the Postal Enablement feature yourself or ask our Professional Services team to design and install a complete, customized Mail Integrity solution that builds on the feature. Either way, the address information is cleansed, invalid addresses are suppressed, and addresses are sorted in post office-ready sequence. You can use any third-party software you want, but the feature is tested with industry-leading products.

    By automating this critical early step in your mail workflow, you can manage information more easily and reduce labor costs. For example, with RICOH ProcessDirector and RICOH ProcessDirector Express, you can set up and configure workflow once and simply run jobs after that. The software automatically pulls out the address information and puts back the corrected address information that is returned from the third-party software.
  • Automated Verification enables mail integrity and peace of mind. It scans pieces at multiple points in a workflow, reports errors and automates any necessary reprints.
  • Deadline Tracker helps keep jobs on schedule based on criteria you set. The software watches how the job is progressing through the workflow, and even predicts what path it will take going forward. You are notified visually in the GUI of any jobs that missed a deadline, may miss a deadline, or are behind schedule.
  • Cutsheet printer support for Xerox and Kodak lets you connect the cutsheet printers of these leading manufacturers to the workflow. Using these printers along with Ricoh printers, you can count on consistent media calls and finishing commands regardless of which printer you use.

TotalFlow DocEnhancer, an Adobe Acrobat Professional plug-in tool, allows you to index the contents of fully composed PDF files, edit the contents of these files and extract data to prepare lists and reports. Optional critical communications features include:

  • Postal Enablement extracts address information from fully composed documents and presents it to the third-party postal optimization software of your choosing. The address information is cleansed, invalid addresses are suppressed, and addresses are sorted in post office-ready sequence. You can ease into postal optimization — a few mouse clicks and you're on your way to saving postage.
  • Ticketer simplifies and speeds up cutsheet ticketing because you can set rules once for media, finishing and exceptions for all pieces in a file.
  • Verification provides basic tracking, accounting, reprinting and reporting capabilities, so you can know that every piece is produced accurately.

Featured Printers



Versatile media handling, exceptional investment protection.

Quick Summary
  • Adapt to evolving requirements while controlling costs
  • Migrate to trusted, configurable digital color technology
  • Meet tight deadlines with high-throughput printing
  • Discover your business’ potential with a personalized assessment
InfoPrint 4100

InfoPrint 4100

Meet SLAs reliably, month after month

Quick Summary
  • Complete jobs on time with print speeds up to 330 linear fpm
  • Lower costs with 3-up  printing on 19-inch web width
  • Impress customers with 600 dpi image quality
  • Switch to MICR printing as fast as you change developer stations

Featured Software

RICOH ProcessDirector

RICOH ProcessDirector

Monitor, manage, track and report production print workflow

Quick Summary
  • Track and manage jobs from a web-based GUI
  • Build dynamic workflows with drag-and-drop ease
  • Automate manual tasks and reprints to help reduce costs
  • Create and deliver multi-channel communications
RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer

RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer

Edit PDF files with speed, ease and accuracy

Quick Summary
  • Edit print-ready PDF files on the fly
  • Insert images, text, barcodes and signatures
  • Offer new services without adding technical expertise
  • Get up and running quickly — it's an Acrobat plug-in

Featured Services & Solutions

Postal and Data Quality Solutions

Postal and Data Quality Solutions

Increase postal savings. Qualify for USPS discounts.

Quick Summary
  • Continue to pursue Full-Service compliance
  • Communicate with the USPS electronically
  • Eliminate print and mail workflow bottlenecks
  • Lower costs by automating mail handling steps
Automated Document Factory (ADF)

Automated Document Factory (ADF)

Automate print and mail workflows.

Quick Summary
  • Lower postal costs by automating workflows and implementing USPS rules
  • Achieve 100% integrity with page-level tracking
  • Manage one or more sites from a single dashboard
  • Customize your ADF with the features and functions you need
Document Composition

Document Composition

Create or modify documents for printing and e-presentment.

Quick Summary
  • Create / modify documents without your software developers 
  • Replace preprinted inserts with onserts
  • Enable multichannel communications, including e-presentment
  • Improve response rates with personalized messages