Ricoh Production Software Developer Program

Collaborate with us, improve project results

Welcome developers! Join our program and you can work with the Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) print stream.

Membership means you and your customers can:

  • Have remote, round-the-clock access to the latest AFP printers for testing, thereby reducing hardware and software quality issues.
  • Create new revenue opportunities via software extensions.
  • Lower project risk.
  • Improve interoperability.
  • Simplify integration.
  • Improve color fidelity.
  • Reduce the cost of new application development.
Expand your software expertise

Here's how the program works. As a member, you’ll have the following benefits:

  • Developer-to-developer consulting via telephone
  • Optional technical support via email
  • Web access to current Ricoh production AFP printers via a unique function called Virtual Print Facility (VPF)
  • Development and testing licensing for the AFP Resource Installer
Conduct tests on our virtual printers

When you're ready to test your code, you can log in to specific Ricoh printers. With Virtual Print Facility you will be “printing” to the actual printer; only the back end marking engine is bypassed. You'll receive full resolution TIFF images of each page rendered, along with the associated job logs. At this time, you can access the InfoPrint 5000 continuous feed inkjet printer, the InfoPrint 4100 continuous feed EP printer, and the Ricoh C900 cutsheet AFP printer.

Develop advanced AFP output

If advanced AFP output is your focus, work with the AFP Resource Installer. The software consists of three consolidated interfaces for the installation and management of AFP color management, font and image object resources.

The Color Management Resource (CMR) installer manages files that include the color management information required to render printed output with color fidelity. The font installer manages WorldType Fonts for AFP print servers, WorldType Fonts for AFP clients, and other OpenType and TrueType fonts in Microsoft® Unicode format. The data object installer manages files that contain image object data such as JPEG and TIFF files.

Join now—what are you waiting for?

For general information or to register for the program, contact Please note that there is an annual enrollment fee.