Refurbished Printers

Reduce total cost of print with refurbished printers

When you buy used printers, you save money compared to new and help the environment — without compromising quality and reliability. Our used equipment programs offer many types of Ricoh printers that are perfect for small businesses, workgroups, departments and production print shops. The models that are available have been top performers with a history of reliability, and they have to meet strict criteria to be included in the program.

Know we've got your back

All of our used printers qualify for Ricoh maintenance, so your money is well invested. You can get up to 24/7 response time, along with telephone and online support. As representatives of the manufacturer, our Customer Support Specialists know our printers inside and out. Their responsiveness and efficiency help keep your employees productive and your business humming. Here are our current offerings:

Ricoh Select Series

The Ricoh Select Series includes multifunction monochrome and color devices as well as monochrome and color cutsheet production printers. These "like-new" printers undergo a thorough cleaning and reconditioning process that follows ISO quality management standards. Ricoh Select Series products are preconfigured, but options are available on certain devices. Also, the printers must pass UL safety testing so they can receive the "UL Listed Remanufactured" mark.

InfoPrint 4100

The InfoPrint 4100 models are high-speed monochrome web presses (continuous feed) suitable for digital publishing, book publishing, transactional printing and MICR printing. In some cases, certain features can be added to a printer. If you're interested in programs that allow you to replace certain parts so you don't have to wait for a service technician to visit, just let us know.

  • As Is.
    This is the least expensive, "customer-to-customer" option.
  • Cleaned, Painted and Tested.
    At this level, engines and control units are cleaned, covers are repaired and painted, and devices are tested for acceptable print quality.
  • Full Refurbishment with Warranty.
    Printers are brought back to factory specification and up to the latest field-available code level.

Not familiar with the InfoPrint 4100 or need to educate someone else? Review the data sheet. And toss out a few teasers like the efficiency and quality you can get from multi-RIP processing, high-speed MICR, 256-level grayscale, pinless, pinfed, forms identification and true 3-up printing. The latest models of the InfoPrint 4100 typically aren't available in the used program, so you might want to check them out just in case they're a better fit.

Contact us about available models, pricing and service guarantees.