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A More Perfect Mail Center: From Discovery to Delivery
The mailing industry is currently in a state of hyper-auditing by both internal and external sources, so knowing what auditors are looking for will help you control quality in your mail center more effectively. (Digital and Print editions)


Ricoh unveils 1to1 Create Marketing Services
Ricoh America‚Äôs 1to1 Create Marketing Services, powered by PTI Marketing Technologies, is a cloud-based subscription service aimed at helping small to medium sized printers create, launch, track, manage, modify and optimize turnkey cross-media marketing campaigns. (Graphic Arts Magazine)


Transactional Printers Make a Statement
In this MyPrintResource article, Dale Dembski, president of Digital Data Centers in Glendale Heights, Illinois, discusses how his company successfully makes information work for their customers for transactional printing, and why Ricoh equipment is “the best solution for their needs (MyPrintResource)


Quocirca names Ricoh a market leader in MPS for 3rd consecutive year
For the third year in a row, analyst firm Quocirca has named Ricoh a market leader in their Managed Print Services (MPS) Landscape report. Tony Curcio of Graphic Arts Magazine covers how our double-digit business growth and commitment to making information work for a variety of sectors have contributed to this leadership. (Graphic Arts Magazine)


Ricoh Strikes a Blow for Multichannel on a Small Scale
Al Urbanski of Direct Marketing News examines how our 1to1 Create Marketing Services solution is a win for small and medium-sized printers looking to take their customers’ marketing campaigns to the next level. (Direct Marketing News)


Production Inkjet: Coexist vs Stand Alone
Mike Herold, director, Continuous Feed Inkjet Technologies for Ricoh, discusses why inkjet has many benefits as a stand-alone technology and also is ideal complement to offset for many applications, especially in book printing. (MyPrintResource)


How Print Magazines Can Contribute to Your Content Marketing Plan
Annette McCrary, direction, production field deployment, and publisher Mark Potter, share their thoughts on how businesses can benefit from creating highly specialized print magazines, like Ricoh’s The Flow, to position themselves as experts in their industries. (Content Marketing Institute)


Executive Q&A: Tim Vellek
Mark Vruno interviews Tim Vellek, vice president of production printing, Ricoh, about his career and Ricoh’s vision for the printing industry. (MyPrintResource)


Ricoh Becomes a Member of Two Sides North America
Ricoh has joined Two Sides North America, the growing non-profit organization that promotes the responsible production, use and sustainability of print and paper. (Two Sides)


Ricoh Ups Solutions for Rate-Challenged Mailers
At National Postal Forum 2014, our Bill Shaffer and Humberto Prospero discussed how Ricoh’s postal optimizations solutions are addressing the pain points of modern day mailers, under pressure from higher rates and fewer resources. (Direct Marketing News)


Fifth Third Bank Works with Ricoh to Transform In-Plant Operations
Cary Sherburne talks with Fifth Third’s Mark Kearns and Ricoh’s Mike Herold, Director, Continuous Feed Inkjet Technologies, on the journey the bank took with Ricoh to transform their in-plant operations, using the InfoPrint 5000 and RICOH ProcessDirector workflow software. (WhatTheyThink)


Ricoh Named Market Share Leader in U.S. High-Speed Inkjet Placements for Six Years Running
(Includes Commentary from Ricoh)
Mike Herold, Director, Continuous Feed Inkjet Technologies, comments on why Ricoh and the InfoPrint 5000 continue to lead the high-speed inkjet market. (Printing Impressions)


Optimizing Your Print and Digital Communications
In this cover story and just in time for National Postal Forum 2014, Ricoh’s John Hankins gives his insights on how mailers can harness digital technology to improve direct mail and optimize their communications. Page 26. (Mailing Systems Technology)


Full-Service IMB: Optimizing Postal Discounts and More
The USPS has delayed its deadline for Full-Service Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) implementation and Ricoh’s Humberto Prospero discusses why mailers should act now  - and how it will save them money, make their operations more efficient and give them more meaningful data. (Printing Impressions)


Ricoh Joins Mopria Alliance
MPS Connect reports on Ricoh’s induction into the Mopria Alliance, a global non-profit member association focused on delivering innovation in mobile print. (MPS Connect)



Q&A With Ricoh’s Tracey Rothenberger and mindSHIFT’S Mona Abutaleb
MPS Connect’s Bob Meyers spoke with Ricoh COO Tracey Rothenberger and mindSHIFT President & CEO Mona Abutaleb about how end users and channel partners stand to benefit from the acquisition. (OutputLinks)


A First for Fifth Third: Inkjet Press with In-line Binding
In-plant Graphics goes inside Fifth-Third Banks in-house operations and discovers why added Ricoh’s InfoPrint 5000 to expand their offerings.  (In-plant Graphics)


Helping Your Organization Succeed with the Right Purchases
In the January/February issue of Mailing Systems Technology, Ricoh’s own Theresa Lang shares her tips for success on how organizations can avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with buying software solution and mailing equipment. Page 26-27. (Mailing Systems Technology)


Is VDP Falling Flat?
Ricoh’s Kurt Konow shares his insights on today’s variable-data printing trends, why customers are expecting more personalization than ever before and how printers can tackle these expectations.  (MyPrintResource)


Real Books Spark as E-book Sales Flatten
Ricoh’s own Mike Herold, Director, Continuous Forms Inkjet Solutions, spoke with Quick Printing magazine to discuss the findings of Ricoh’s recent publishing study and why consumers are still connecting with the printed word. (Quick Printing)


The Latex Print Experience
Ricoh and our customer R.S. Knapp, a supplier to the architectural, design, and engineering (AEC) markets, discuss how Ricoh’s L4100 series of durable aqueous inkjet printers stand out from the crowd. (Wide-format Imaging)


Self Publishing is on the Rise: Can You Seize Any Opportunities?
American Printer’s Katherine O’Brien provides commentary on Ricoh’s study revealing the surprising trends in e-Books and the positive role digital printing plays in the future of book manufacturing. (GCWorldBiz-American Printer)


Ricoh IT Strategies Survey Shows Print Hanging in There
In this piece, popular publishing news site TeleRead discusses the finding of Ricoh’s latest study on the sentiment towards printed books. (TeleRead)


New groundbreaking Ricoh study on book publishing reveals that “Print is ‘NOT’ Dead
Our newest study, “The Evolution of the Book Industry: Implications for US Book Manufacturers and Printers,” and generated a significant amount of discussion in the print industry— including thoughtful commentary from Graphic Arts Magazine. (Graphic Arts Magazine)


Printed Books versus eBooks: Telling the Story
In this interview, Cary Sherburne discusses the findings of IT Strategies and Ricoh’s study, “The Evolution of the Book Industry: Implications for US Book Manufacturers and Printers,” with IT Strategies vice president Marco Boer, and Ricoh’s Director of Continuous Forms Inkjet Solutions, Mike Herold. (WhatTheyThink)


Printed Books Hold Their Ground
IT Strategies vice president and author of Ricoh’s latest study on the book industry Marco Boer speaks with MyPrintResource’s Mark Vruno on why books won’t be disappearing from our shelves anytime soon. (MyPrintResource)


Study: 70 Percent Of Consumers Tied To Print, Most eBooks Are Never Read
Colorado’s own local CBS station shares the results of Ricoh and IT Strategies’ recent study, “The Evolution of the Book Industry: Implications for US Book Manufacturers and Printers,” which was conducted in conjunction with the University of Colorado at Boulder. (CBS Denver)


Top Vendors Embrace New 2014 PODi AppForum Format
Press release issued with mention of Ricoh as Gold Sponsor. (Printing Impressions)


Intelligent Mail Barcode Can Invigorate Your In-plant
With the USPS deadline for implementing Full-Service Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) approaching in January 2013, Ricoh’s Humberto Prospero offers his insight into how in-plant printers can embrace the opportunity of IMb and leverage it to improve their own operations. (In-plant Graphics)


A news brief including a mention of Edwards Brother Malloy purchasing an InfoPrint 5000. (Printing Impressions)


DPS Readers' Choice Awards
DPS readers selected Ricoh as one of their top companies for 2013! (DPS Magazine)


Inviting Economics
Ricoh’s David Rolon speaks with DPS on the added benefits B&W and monochrome devices offer to printers. Page 17. (DPS Magazine)


Ricoh's Graham Moore at Print 2013
Watch Ricoh’s Graham Moore discuss our extensive offerings at PRINT 13 and the latest announcements stemming from the show. (World of Print YouTube Channel)


PRINT 13 - Interview with Ricoh's Tim Vellek
MyPrintResource’s Roger Mann sits down with Ricoh’s Tim Vellek, vice president, Production Printing Business Group, to discuss what “Print and Beyond” means for Ricoh at PRINT 13. (MyPrintResource)


PRINT 13 - Interview with Ricoh's Scott Ziegler
Ricoh’s Scott Ziegler chats with MyPrintResource’s Roger Mann about why the Critical Communications solutions suite is a PRINT 13 MUST SEE ‘EM Best of Category Award winner – and how it’s helping businesses to produce and deliver important documents with integrity. (MyPrintResource)


Ricoh Walking Attendees Down Main Street
No PRINT 13 trip is complete without a stroll down Ricoh’s Main Street exhibit! Printing Impressions’ e-newsletter gives readers a taste of what awaited show attendees when they visited Ricoh’s innovative booth. (PI Weekly and PRINT 13 Live e-Newsletter)


Ricoh Launches New Production Systems
Print Action rounds up our latest announcements from PRINT 13, including the new Pro C5100s/5110s color production printer, InfoPrint 5000 with new H configuration and extended media handling, and the CAD-centric Ricoh MP CW2200SP.  Also highlighted are new software offerings, including TotalFlow 2.0, 1to1Create and Critical Communications. (PrintAction)


Kurt Konow presents at the PrintMediaCentr PRINT 13 Printerverse Alliance
Kurt Konow provides an overview of Ricoh’s Main Street booth at PRINT 13 and tells the Printerverse about how the new 1to1Create Marketing Services solutions is helping printers to go beyond print and help their customers reach targets through various channels. (MyPrintMediaCentr)


IBM Insurance Outsourcing Services Turns to Ricoh to Help Manage Client Mailings
In this Show Daily case study, IBM Insurance Outsourcing Services (IIOS) shares how Ricoh’s Critical Communications and RICOH ProcessDirector helped them achieve mailroom integrity in an industry where there’s no room for error. (MyPrintResource)


Diamond Marketing Solutions Taps Ricoh’s End-to-End portfolio to Lower Costs and Expand Operations
Diamond Marketing Solutions is an exemplary marketing service provider – and a symbol of how Ricoh’s end-to-end solutions can improve operational efficiency and helps businesses grow to the next level.  Read about their success in the Day 3 edition of the Show Daily. Page 60. (MyPrintResource)


Opening New Revenue Streams with Transactional Print Capabilities
CCS Printing discusses how the company added profitable revenue streams to the company by meeting new customer needs through the implementation of Ricoh solutions. (MyPrintResource)


Taking Back Control of Print and the Mail Room
CCS Printing delivers perfection to their healthcare clients with RICOH ProcessDirector. Hear from those running the operation about the results they’re seeing in this case study, which appeared in the PRINT 13 Show Daily. Page 55. (MyPrintResource)


The Symphony of the Mail Center
Our expert shares day-to-day tips on how to maintain document integrity and ensure your customers true perfection. Page 22.  (Mailing Systems Technology)


Ricoh Makes Investment in Avanti Computer Systems Limited – Newsbeat
DPS highlights the Ricoh investment in Avanti in their recap of the industry’s biggest news for the September 2013 issue. Page 8. (DPS)


Print 13 Exhibitor Preview
With so many at PRINT 13, Ricoh gives DPS a sneak peak of the innovative products and solutions to be revealed in our booth at the show. Page 8. (DPS)


Heavy Metal-Production inkjet sysetms (sic) continue to evolve
In an article discussing the latest predictions and developments in high-speed inkjet, Ricoh’s Mike Herold discusses the innovative technologies the InfoPrint5000 brings to the market. (DPS) 


InfoPrint 5000 with Extended Media Dryer
In MyPrintResource’s guide for buyers, the InfoPrint5000 is highlighted in order to showcase it’s new extended dryer technology.  ( 


Winners announced in Print 13 Must See ‘Ems
News & Tech helps spread the news of Ricoh’s Must See ‘Em win for the Critical Communication suite. (News & Tech)


Ricoh Investment Bolsters Avanti’s Position
In-Plant Graphics speaks with Sam Hosoe, associate director and deputy general manager, Ricoh and Patrick Bolan, CEO of Avanti to discuss how Ricoh’s investment in the MIS company will benefit in-plant printers. (In-Plant Graphics)


The Slingshot Effect
Ricoh’s Chris Reid discusses the value of the Avanti partnership for this major cover story in the August issue of Print Action. Page 13. (Print Action)



Growth In Inkjet Production
Why is Ricoh a leader of innovation in the inkjet industry? Print Action chats with Ricoh’s Mike Herold for his insight in this feature on inkjet technology and trends.  Page 19. (Print Action)


Winners Announced in Record-Setting PRINT 13 MUST SEE 'EMS Competition
The results are in! Ricoh’s Critical Communication Suite is a Must See ‘Em for PRINT 13 in the Variable, Transactional and Multi-Channel category. (MyPrintResource)


The Printerverse Returns to Print 13
As an Alliance Partner with PrintMediaCentr’s Printerverse booth at PRINT 13, Ricoh will be a part of a unique showcase featuring interactive sharing sessions, panel discussions and networking events. (MyPrintResource)


Ricoh Process Director Express: The Workflow Platform You’ve Never Heard About
In his latest blog post, PODi’s Greg Cholmondeley shares his experience demoing RICOH Process Director Express and reveals how printers can benefit from this efficient workflow management solution. (Blog)


Frederic Printing: The Value of Human Capital
Frederic recently reaffirmed its commitment to digital growth with the acquisition of a second Ricoh InfoPrint 5000 inkjet web press equipped with the extended media dryer option. (Printing Impressions)


Continuous-feed Inkjet: Paper Plays a Starring 'Roll'
Mike Herold, worldwide product manager for inkjet technologies, speaks to Jack Miller about Ricoh’s innovations in supporting coated paper, highlighting the extended media dryer for the InfoPrint 5000. (Printing Impressions)


What the Ricoh investment in Avanti Means to Printers
Tony Curcio interviewed Stephen McWilliam of Avanti for this follow-up report on what Ricoh’s investment in his company means for printers. (Graphic Arts Magazine)


Ricoh Expands Its Portfolio With Strategic Investment in Avanti
Katherine O’Brien spoke with Sam Hosoe, associate director and deputy general manager, Ricoh Production Printing Business Group, and Patrick Bolan, president and CEO of Avanti to get their insights on why Ricoh’s investment is important for Print MIS, and the industry as a whole. (OutputLinks / American Printer)


Ricoh Makes Strategic Investment in Print MIS Provider Avanti
Stephanie Pieruccini of InfoTrends gives her perspective on how Ricoh’s investment in Avanti “reflects the demand for software solutions that help print service providers optimize their production capabilities through transparency and a need for digital equipment vendors to strengthen their relationship with these solutions.” (


Ricoh Makes Strategic Investment in Avanti Computer Systems (Includes Commentary from Mark Michelson)
Sam Hosoe, associate director and deputy general manager of Ricoh’s Production Printing Business Group, and Patrick Bolan, Avanti president and CEO, recently spoke to Printing Impression’s Mark Michelson about the customer-driven rationale behind the integration of Ricoh and Avanti solutions. (Printing Impressions)


Ricoh Makes Strategic Investment in Avanti (Commentary by Cary Sherburne)
WhatTheyThink’s Cary Sherburne shares her perspective on Ricoh’s investment in Avanti and the streamlined solutions that will stem from the integration of their solutions. (What They Think)


Why the Sudden Interest in Workflow
Stemming from Ricoh’s investment in Avanti, Caslon analyst Greg Cholmondeley discusses the increasing importance of digital printing workflow automation for the industry as a whole. (Caslon)


Ricoh Makes Strategic Investment in Print MIS Provider Avanti
InfoTrend’s Stephanie Pieruccini explores the demand for efficient and transparent production software solutions and discusses the role Ricoh and Avanti solutions will play in fulfilling those industry demands. (InfoTrends)


Summit 2013: Production Inkjet, the True Game Changer
In a recap of the inaugural Inkjet Summit, Ricoh’s George Promis provides his thoughts on participating in the event and discusses the importance of engaging in a thoughtful dialogue about the current state of inkjet. (Printing Impressions)


Inkjet Summit 2013: Sponsor Vision for Success
Ricoh’s George Promis shared why he valued his experience at the Inkjet Summit and highlights Ricoh’s commitment to inkjet innovations. (Printing Impressions)


Case Study: CCS Printing Taps Ricoh's Critical Communications Suite for Print Management
In this MyPrintResource video spotlight, watch CCS Printing discuss how Ricoh’s Critical Communication Suite has helped improved their mailroom integrity for the printing of two million pages per month. (


Is Your Company Ready for Workflow Software?
The use of workflow software among printers is growing. But so is the potential for less than desired results if used incorrectly. Knowing when a company is ready can be tricky. (


A Looming Deadline and Many Questions: The Promise and Peril of IMb
2014. What is the significance of this year, which is just six months away? It’s the latest deadline that the USPS is planning for mailers to qualify for postal discounts. (Mailing Systems Technology)
Written by Humberto Prospero, Director, Consulting and Integration Services, Ricoh and reposted in: National Postal Forum e-Newsletter


Print & Production : The Evolution of Interactive Print
Today's most talked-about technology that integrates mobile and print is image recognition technology; more specifically, visual search. By leveraging visual search, printed media can be made truly interactive.
(Target Marketing)


BR Printers Introduces Newest Inkjet Printing Innovation
Digital printing industry  leader, BR Printers, has become one of only two printers in the United States currently utilizing the Extended Media Dryer for the Ricoh InfoPrint 5000. (WhatTheyThink)


IDC Names Ricoh Market Share Leader in U.S. High-Speed Inkjet Placements for Five Years Running
For the fifth consecutive year, Ricoh’s InfoPrint 5000 production print platform has been named the high-speed inkjet market share leader in the United States. Commentary by Cary Sherburne.  (WhatTheyThink)


George Promis Discusses Continuous Forms Printing
At Hunkeler Innovationdays, George Promis, VP of continuous forms solutions at Ricoh sat down with internationally-recognized journalist Cary Sherburne to discuss the evolution of continuous forms printing; where it's come from, where it's headed and what new technologies will enable for both commercial and transactional printers.   (RicohTV)


BMA Colorado Hosts Night of Inspiration
Learn how top marketers inspire their peers.  Eduardo Conrado, BMA chairman and senior VP-marketing and information technology at Motorola Solutions, Katherine Button Bell, VP-CMO of Emerson Electric Co. and Eileen Zicchino, managing director and CMO of JP Morgan Chase Treasury Services, got together in Denver to discuss what inspiration means to them.  (BMA)


Connect and Inspire
Sandra Zoratti, VP of Marketing for Ricoh, writes about the inspiration she gained from the BMA Colorado event in March. (Colorado Biz)


Ricoh Partners with TEC Mailing Solutions to Offer SaaS Mailing Tools
Ricoh Production Print Solutions unveils new partnership with TEC Mailing Solutions at the National Postal Forum (NPF) in San Francisco. Cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution promises to reduce postal costs while streamlining workflow and mailing lists. (Print Week)


Listen. Ask. Share. It’s Time For Agile Marketing
Sandra Zoratti, VP of Marketing for Ricoh, shares her thoughts on Agile Marketing and how it may help companies deal with three major marketer challenges: improving customer engagement, harnessing data-driven insights, and generating measurable, scalable value and ROI for our business. (B2B Marketing Insider)


Facing Our Fears and Crossing the Chasm
B-to-b and b-to-c marketers can learn a lot from each other. Marketers who cross the chasm to glean the best ideas from the entire marketing population will be the frontrunners. (B2B Online)


Wanted: Software Engineers
Ricoh, a global technology company in Boulder, CO, is hiring Software Engineers. Find out what Ricoh is looking for. (9news)


A Clickable World
Read about new technology that links the printed and online worlds without the need for a barcode. (In-Plant Graphics)


Join the Transpromo Revolution
Transpromo is grabbing printers’ attention as an area of increasing opportunity in an industry always in need of one. (MyPrintResource)


Inkjet Summit’s Unique Format is a Win-Win for Both Sponsors and Attendees Printing Impressions
Find out more about this invitation only event. (Printing Impressions)


Precision Marketing: Maximizing Revenue Through Relevance
Bill Duggan, Group EVP, Association of National Advertisers, reviews book co-authored by Sandra Zoratti, VP of Marketing at Ricoh and Lee Gallagher.  (ANA)


Cure the Data Deluge by Keeping it Simple
“Big Data means taking small steps,”  advises Sandra Zoratti, VP of Marketing, Ricoh.  Marketers are advised to reframe their goals to avoid becoming overwhelmed. (Content Marketing Institute)


Modern Marketing: Make It Count
Use these proven techniques to str-r-r-etch your marketing moolah.  Read about creating tailored marketing messages that appeal to your specific target audience. (Success) 


How Your Content Marketing Benefits from a Listen, Ask, Share Approach
nternational technology solution provider shares her formula for creating content that sparks a business conversation. (BtoB)


From the Editor: Thinking About Tomorrow
In-plant Graphics Editor Bob Neubauer interviews Tony Seaman, director of Printing and Graphic Services at the University of Mississippi,  to get his observations on the future of the In-Plant print industry. (In-Plant Graphics)