Executive Briefing Center

Make sure your growth plans make sense

Relevance, survival, bundling, run costs, SLAs, compliance — what are your challenges? It's one thing to think about solutions or even map them out on paper, but it’s another thing to discuss your ideas with others and hear about possibilities you may not have considered. This is why we invite you to visit the Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in Boulder, Colorado, where you can talk with experts and solve problems collaboratively. We'll go way beyond print samples and kicking the casters on a printer!

The discussions and activities are customized so they're all about your priorities, not ours. Depending on what is important to you, we'll talk about your existing markets, new markets, operational challenges, efficiency objectives and technical considerations. You'll leave with a production print action plan that you'll feel really good about, accompanied by a proof of concept if you want one.

Collaborate with people who get it

You may be running digital printers or offset printers, or a combination, for commercial print or transactional output. Regardless, to help you take advantage of the growth in digital pages, let’s brainstorm about data-driven applications — a strategy that enables you to produce a product that has greater value to your customers and higher profit for you. This is a great opportunity, and you'll learn how to capitalize on it.

If you are considering a move to continuous feed color inkjet, let’s discuss your current operations and your plans to convert to color. Or, if you are printing documents that are customized, personalized or regulated, let’s identify the capabilities you need for tracking, validation and postal discounts.

Back up plans with facts

Instincts are great, but stats are reassuring, aren't they? When you talk about your business, we listen. Then we make recommendations based upon decades of experience in production print with thousands of worldwide customers. And, we back our expertise with information from industry organizations and analysts like InfoTrends, I.T. Strategies and IDC.

Hear many points of view

You'll learn a lot during your briefing, in part because you can talk to lots of people — our executives, industry experts, hardware and software development engineers, software architects, professional services managers, maintenance experts and others. We think it’s important for you to see the big picture and develop a solid business plan before you make investment decisions.

What do your peers say?

At the end of a briefing, you can tell us what you think. We're all about continuous improvement. We're also positive your time will be well spent, based on previous feedback:

"… the most valuable - - Real people having conversations with us…powerful dialogue, relevant topics tuned to our issues, business and technical."
"The Ricoh people in Boulder are invested and engaged in my business."
"…passion, intelligence and integrity focused on our challenges."  

Schedule now

Briefings are suitable for commercial printers, book publishers, print service providers and enterprises of all sizes. In addition, we have deep knowledge of several industries such as retail, health care, insurance, banking and government. To schedule a briefing, contact your Ricoh Production Print specialist who will submit your request to the EBC, or contact us.