PIP Printing

Goosebumps happen on a regular basis for Brian Ilten, owner of a PIP Printing franchise. He is, after all, reinventing his business and exciting things are happening. Since he acquired a RICOH Pro C901, he is thrilled that his shop’s output now includes books! This is just one of the new applications that the full-color digital press makes possible…giving Brian the confidence to say his shop can do just about anything that involves print on paper. As he guides his customers through the maze of print choices, he can feel confident that whatever raw data or files they give him are transformed into finished products in no time. It’s not his grandparents’ franchise anymore, but we suspect they started the goosebump trend. 

"… the RICOH Pro C901 press allowed us to become a 100 percent digital print shop…opened up new revenue opportunities for us that we never imagined we have…we're doing book publishing now… and it's the Ricoh partnership that's brought me these opportunities."

--  Brian Ilten
    Owner, PIP Printing