Minuteman Press

There’s no “ka-ching” when you’re waiting around for a service tech to arrive. And there’s no joy in telling customers you can’t deliver their jobs as promised. Downtime is a risk for every print provider, but there are ways to manage it—like Mitch Palin did. A Minuteman Press owner, Mitch bought a RICOH Pro C900 and chose to participate in the trained customer replaceable units (TCRU) program. His trained operators perform certain maintenance tasks so they don’t have to wait for a service tech. In addition, to keep the cash register ringing, the Pro C900 makes production a breeze with outstanding color quality and built-in processes for web-to-print submission, ticketing, pre-flight, finishing and more. Information lands in the right places at the right times without operator intervention, so Mitch and his team can accept walk-in jobs of one or corporate jobs of 10,000 without worry.

"The colors [of the RICOH Pro C900] are consistent, and we just find it to be easy to operate…I'm giving my customers the service they want because I can count on it."

--  Mitch Palin
    President, Minuteman Press