McClafferty Printing

Big iron, small iron or both? McClafferty Printing chooses both. Big iron for long runs and small iron—the RICOH Pro C901—for short runs. The Ricoh digital printer enables McClafferty to win small jobs that it had to pass up as an offset-only shop. Now the business is in step with customers who expect ultra-fast turnaround and information gymnastics like personalization and customization. But selling digital print, and pricing it correctly, requires new skills. McClafferty turned to Ricoh’s Business Booster program, and as a result, Vice President Chuck Paski and his sales team get the tools and training they need.

"The Ricoh Business Booster team came in, looked at our shop, listened to our needs, and helped us build a strategic marketing plan. They provided a two-day onsite training…to help them [the sales reps] go out and sell it…we've grown our business steadily every month…."

--  Chuck Paski
    Executive Vice President, McClafferty Printing Company