There’s print, and then there’s print as art. As defined by Ron Morris of Insty-Prints, this means good paper, good print image and good style. And with the RICOH Pro C651EX, Ron and his staff find it easier to hit the mark every time. Variable data printing, dazzling color and the multitude of paper choices practically sell themselves. Having the right technology is what lets you send in the data at the front and collect the finished pieces at the back. Amazing what can happen in the length of a printer, especially when you add up all the labor savings because so many production steps are automated. 

"The RICOH Pro C651 has met all of our needs. It's met the needs of our customers and it's enabled all of our businesses to grow…I count on Ricoh to deliver solutions to meet my customers' needs. Ricoh delivers every time."

-- Ron Morris
   Owner, Insty-Prints of Brainerd