Frederic Printing

Frederic Printing is one of the oldest, largest general commercial printing companies in the Rocky Mountain West. During discussions with digital inkjet web suppliers, Frederic kept coming back to conversations with Ricoh and eventually purchased the InfoPrint 5000.

“We feel very, very strongly about our relationship with Ricoh. They’ve been there to support us…whether that’s educating us, whether that’s helping explore new opportunities and questions, whether that’s challenging us on decisions and assumptions we make as a general commercial printer….”

– Brett Birky
   Vice President, Frederic Printing

The InfoPrint 5000, along with valued support from the Ricoh team, allows Frederic Printing to expand into new markets and service customers in a large geographic area. In addition to books on demand, Frederic prints maps, financial documents, marketing collateral, direct mail and more.