AtoZ Printing

When you believe in pushing your customers to try new things to expand their businesses, you need to have new things for them to try. It's a growth strategy that works for A2Z Printing ― and it's why the commercial printer replaced a slow, high-maintenance fleet with fast, reliable, feature-rich devices.

The RICOH Pro C901 helped boost A2Z's revenue by $800,000 in the first year. It turns out more than 600,000 pages per month, with few maintenance calls. In fact, downtime has been reduced by nearly 500 percent since the Pro C901 was installed. While the Pro C901 is the linchpin of the operation, A2Z also has a RICOH Pro C7110 five-color production printer for jobs that involve clear or white toner, and a RICOH Pro 8110EX, which produces up to one million black-and-white pages every month.

"Our customers want faster and faster turnarounds. With Ricoh production printers, we can complete jobs with fewer delays and less downtime which has helped us to experience dramatic revenue increases. And, best of all, these devices are like tanks; no matter what, they keep running. We could print any project, any time. And in an industry where nobody is ever fast enough, we’re turning jobs around the same day. We were ready to handle anything our customers could ask of us"

-Allen Taheri
Partner, A2Z Printing