Utiltec, an Ancor company

Ancor, a premier outsourcing provider of print services, offers customized printing, mailing and electronic document services. The company supports two different brand names under the Ancor umbrella. One being Utilitec, which is tailored to meet the specific needs of utility billing markets nationwide.

Utiltec, an Ancor company was looking to decrease downtime and significantly streamline the processes within its facilities. The company found their solution in the InfoPrint 5000 GP’s continuous-feed color inkjet system. The InfoPrint 5000 GP met its customers’ demands for broader in-line messaging capabilities on printed bills, and eliminated Utiltec’s need for expensive, resource-intensive preprinted forms.

The InfoPrint 5000 GP also lets Utiltec seamlessly integrate inline variable-color messaging into documents, making form creation faster and easier — without preprinting — while helping it to better support its customers’ communication needs.

“The addition of this platform has improved output quality, broadened messaging capabilities, and greatly improved our own internal processes with the elimination of preprinted forms.”
Mike Maley, Operations Manager, Ancor’s Utilitec business