Action Mailers

An investment in long-term growth and success

In printing, accuracy is key. That’s especially true for direct mail, where campaign success depends on how effectively you reach your target audience. That’s why Aston, Pa.-based Action Mailers upgraded their capabilities with the InfoPrint 5000 GP full-color continuous inkfeed system. With its support for spot colors, International Color Consortium (ICC)–based color management and G7 certification, the InfoPrint 5000 GP provides the power and precision their customers demand, while helping to save the company time and money.

And, when paired with their InfoPrint 5000 MP monochrome system, it gives them the leverage, scalability and flexibility they need to satisfy customers — and focus on their long-term growth.

See how the InfoPrint 5000 family has helped make Action Mailers even more successful.
“Because we are a family-run business, even as we grow, we maintain personal relationships with many of our customers. The time and investment Ricoh delivers made them an easy choice to work with from the beginning. To date, the InfoPrint 5000 platform has met and exceeded our expectations for lowering costs, increasing performance and delivering quality output to our customers…we are confident that we’ll be seeing returns on our investment for years to come.”

- Bob Kolva
Director of Data and Imaging Operations, Action Mailers